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DAT Truckload Volume Index: Freight volumes close strong in November

- General News
A post-Thanksgiving surge in truckload freight volumes made for a solid November overall compared to previous years, reported DAT Freight & Analytics, which operates the DAT One online freight marketplace and DAT iQ data analytics service.

DAT Truckload Volume Index: Volumes cooled in September

- General News
Truckload freight volumes cooled in September, compounding an already difficult quarter for truckload carriers and freight brokers, said DAT Freight & Analytics, which operates the industry’s largest online freight marketplace and DAT iQ data analytics service.

Relay Payments digital logistics payment platform now accepted nationwide

- General News
Relay Payments, the fintech company modernizing payments for the supply chain, logistics, and trucking industries, is now accepted at 10 of the top 10 unloading companies in the United States.

Peterson Farms acquires Michigan trucking company

- General News
The Peterson family is pleased to announce the addition of JVC Enterprises, Inc. to the Peterson Farms Family of Companies.

Oppy Transport looks back on 30-year long haul

- General News
The third-party logistics arm of leading grower, marketer and distributor Oppy, celebrates three decades delivering goods from around the world to its retail and foodservice partners.

Uber Freight expands autonomous truck pilot

- General News
Uber Freight, a leading logistics platform and partner for shippers and carriers, and Aurora Innovation, a leading autonomous vehicle company, have announced the expansion of their autonomous pilot with a new commercial lane between Fort Worth and El Paso. The 600-mile lane across Texas launched in October and is supporting Uber Freight customers as they prepare for the 2022 holiday season.

Vaccination proof complicates produce shipments to Canada

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As of January 15, Canadian border authorities have been instructed to refuse access to their nation to truckers who cannot show proof of vaccination. Canadian truckers who drive into the U.S. won’t be let back into their own country without proof of vaccination either.

The Great Resignation’s Roman Republic roots

- Analysis
It is increasingly likely that labor unrest will be one of the biggest issues, if not the biggest, of this decade. It makes me think of the secessio plebis in ancient Rome.

Trucking Concerns: Beyond Boom and Bust

- Produce Blueprints
Perhaps the most daunting problem facing the trucking industry is its long history of boom-and-bust cycles.

Trucking Concerns: Independent Operators

- Produce Blueprints
There has long been a tension over the issue of independent contractor versus employee status.