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In a crowded apple market, SweeTango says to bet on a winner

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While apple growers typically don’t show favor, SweeTango growers repeatedly rate this apple their preferred eating experience.

Crisper drawer tour: why apples are amazing this time of year

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So many apples are just hitting their stride right now, and what’s funny is most of them in my crisper drawer are some kind of Honeycrisp cross.

SweeTango crop starts shipping after Labor Day

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SweeTango apple growers and packers are universally singing the praises of this year’s crop, and urging retailers to place orders now to take advantage of the brand’s marketing plans.

SweeTango: top club apple launches ‘big’ return

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The SweeTango apple harvest is in full swing, and growers with Next Big Thing, A Growers’ Cooperative (NBT) are encouraging food retailers to stock up now so they are ready to ride the club variety’s perennial fall category-busting sales wave.

SweeTango apple sales surge in 2020

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According to Nielsen scan data, SweeTango is among the top three managed apple varieties this season, notable for a variety that is still seasonal.

SweeTango targets podcasts for fall advertising

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Ads for SweeTango apples are projected to reach 8 million consumer impressions through popular podcasts this fall.