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Fresh Express launches wellness challenge

- General News
Fresh Express invites consumers to commit to a 30-day online and social campaign that supports wellness intentions for the new year

D’Arrigo celebrates century of excellence

- General News
The major Salinas produce firm commemorates a century of excellence as a family of farming and wholesale companies

Church Brothers hires procurement director

- General News
Church Brothers Farms announces that Martin Sotelo has joined the firm as senior director of raw product procurement (US/Mexico).

Salinas lettuce sees supply gaps due to spring flooding

- General News
Iceberg and leaf lettuce crops in California’s Salinas Valley are experiencing some challenges related to disrupted planting schedules back in March caused by heavy rains/flooding as well as cool, humid conditions over the past two weeks.

Brighter water outlook in Salinas

- Analysis
The California water picture has gotten enormous amounts of attention from both the agricultural press and the general media, but most of this has focused on the San Joaquin Valley and the Yuma Valley on the Arizona border. The Salinas Valley, the “nation’s salad bowl,” has water issues of its own, but they are very different.

Local groups address flooding impacts in Monterey County, CA

- General News
Spring marks the return of fruit and vegetable harvest in the Salinas Valley region. With heavy rains, cold winter weather and our area recovering from flooding, that harvest has been delayed but consumers can be assured that they will enjoy leafy greens, vegetables and strawberries with the harvest continuing into November.

Video shows widespread flooding in Salinas Valley, CA

- General News
Markon Live from the Fields' video shows significant widespread flooding currently taking place in California’s Salinas Valley.

GSA of California highlights resilience of Salinas area during flooding

- General News
Our region has experienced repeated storm systems that have flooded homes, roads and businesses and impacted farms. While we continue to dig out and assess the damage to our communities, the resiliency of the people on the Central Coast and their ability to work together against diverse conditions comes into clear focus.

Video shows Salinas lettuce damage

- General News
Markon Cooperative released a Live from the Fields video October 19, showing the damage and significant yield loss in Salinas Valley lettuce crops caused by soil disease and plant virus issues.

California lettuce quality problems worsen

- General News
Markon Cooperative's Markon First Crop (MFC) Green Leaf, Iceberg, and Romaine packs are extremely limited; Markon Best Available (MBA) is being substituted as needed.