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More quality problems in Salinas as rain follows heat

- General News
Markon Cooperative issued a new crop report on lettuce, leaf and row crop quality issues. The expected weekend rain came, with more forecast early this week, which will further stress product in the field and decrease shelf-life.

Another Salinas heat wave approaching

- General News
After a short respite from high temperatures, the Salinas Valley will once again experience a heatwave starting Thursday, July 14 and continuing through the middle of next week.

Salinas Valley protects itself from drought

- Analysis
The water crisis has especially hit the vastly productive San Joaquin Valley, where this year’s news roughly corresponds to everyone’s most horrific fears from 30 years ago.

Bad weather, not fire, plaguing Salinas crops

- General News
Fire provides the drama, but the erratic weather the past month in the Salinas, CA, region takes the blame for market problems now. Prices for many leaf items are rising rapidly as growers report lighter yields and disease problems.

Fire Update: Harvests continue under poor conditions

- General News
Harvest crews in the Salinas, CA, area have dealt with poor weather conditions for a month, but they continue to work under smoky skies.

Salinas conditions improve with ashes left behind

- General News
After a heatwave was followed by wildfires, causing harvesting and shipping delays in Salinas, CA, area, conditions have improved.

The Produce Reporter Week in Review – August 21, 2020

- General News
Summer is salad time, but Pamela and Greg discuss how the leaf items coming from the Salinas, CA, area will face disruption because of heat and fires in the area.

Heat and fires disrupt Salinas crops

- General News
Growers in the Salinas Valley, CA, were preparing for record-breaking heat this week, but then storms cased wildfires that has limited some harvesting and shipping delays.

Salinas sees the problems of the future

- Produce Blueprints

The Salinas Valley, like many large parts of the state, is ideal for agriculture. For its …

Strawberry fields forever in Salinas

- Produce Blueprints

In the wake of food safety problems in leafy greens, the situation is calmer for strawberries, …