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GSA of California highlights resilience of Salinas area during flooding

markon salinas flooding 1-16-23
Photo courtesy Markon.

Our region has experienced repeated storm systems that have flooded homes, roads and businesses and impacted farms. While we continue to dig out and assess the damage to our communities, the resiliency of the people on the Central Coast and their ability to work together against diverse conditions comes into clear focus.

From a farming perspective, the storms occurred during the off season for the vast majority of crops grown in the Salinas Valley with most vegetable production currently centered in the Yuma, Arizona/California desert regions. Since planting had just begun here, we are seeing a limited impact on new plantings from the heavy rains.

However, a majority of plantings are now delayed until farms can dry out. Planting delays will vary field by field depending on soil type, drainage, etc.

Fortunately, company facilities located in the Salinas Valley were able to overcome initial challenges and continue processing desert-grown vegetables despite some brief interruptions due to impacted public infrastructure from the heavy rains.

With a focus on keeping the community and its workforce safe, these companies and the Grower Shipper Association of Central California (GSA) BB #:162651 worked with local officials to overcome obstacles so consumers can continue to enjoy nutritious fresh produce and employees’ livelihoods were protected.

Our community has been through a lot over the last three years – pandemic, wildfires, drought and now intense storm damage. However, a recurring theme is a consistent effort to identify and implement solutions. We are thankful for the commitment and resiliency of our local officials, residents, farm and facility employees, farmers and farming companies who keep going despite facing significant challenges.