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PMA: Seats at bigger tables

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While the produce industry looks to connect with consumers as their lives change via technology and sustainable efforts, PMA CEO Cathy Burns stressed appealing to their emotions.

Asking “Why?” as retail evolves

- Produce Blueprints
The entire spectrum of retail is evolving before our eyes, and the most interesting thing is that technology is ahead of social adaptation.

No delivery? No problem – if you’re Trader Joe’s

- Analysis
I’ve often said that consumers don’t have a grasp of the true cost of e-commerce in the way that we’ve been doing it in the U.S.

What makes a grocer “the best?”

- Retail
A lot of stories about retailers being named “the best” or “most admired” or “favorite” come across my inbox. But here's my all-time metric of supermarket popularity.

Who cares if dollar stores sell more food than Whole Foods?

- Analysis
What’s unexpected about consumers buying food at an affordable price versus a high end, niche retailer that’s been trying to shake off a “Whole Paycheck” nickname for years?

Retail Reflections: Musings on blockchain

- Produce Blueprints

An important technology that has captured the attention of the produce industry is blockchain. Anytime a …