Asking “Why?” as retail evolves

- Analysis
The entire spectrum of retail is evolving before our eyes, and the most interesting thing is that technology is ahead of social adaptation.

No delivery? No problem – if you’re Trader Joe’s

- Analysis
I’ve often said that consumers don’t have a grasp of the true cost of e-commerce in the way that we’ve been doing it in the U.S.

What makes a grocer “the best?”

- Produce with Pamela
A lot of stories about retailers being named “the best” or “most admired” or “favorite” come across my inbox. But here's my all-time metric of supermarket popularity.

Who cares if dollar stores sell more food than Whole Foods?

- Analysis
What’s unexpected about consumers buying food at an affordable price versus a high end, niche retailer that’s been trying to shake off a “Whole Paycheck” nickname for years?

Retail Reflections: Musings on blockchain

- Analysis

An important technology that has captured the attention of the produce industry is blockchain. Anytime a …