VIDEO: Fresh Summit Retail Tour: Albertsons, Fullerton, CA

- Produce with Pamela
FULLERTON, CA—Organizers for the Fresh Summit Retail Tour brought three distinct formats to participants. In Bristol Farms we saw high end. At Grocery Outlet we saw deep discount and with Albertsons we split the difference. 

Fresh Summit Retail Tour: Bristol Farms, Yorba Linda, CA

- Produce with Pamela
I’ve seen a lot of Bristol Farms stores in my day, and I’m never disappointed.

On the Road: Price Chopper’s Market Bistro

- Produce with Pamela
I kind of feel like I was being pranked at this store, that they somehow knew I was luring in Albany this day, because this store looked AMAZING. It's like the merchandisers came through and re-faced everything before I walked in.

On the road: Grocery Outlet

- Produce with Pamela
SEASIDE, CA—There’s a reason I’ve been seeking out Grocery Outlet stores every time I’m nearby. The Emeryville-based chain is the ultimate treasure hunt.

On the Road: McKeever’s Market

- Retail

LENEXA, KS – The modern market features a strong focus on fresh. Normally this series is …