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Inteligistics offers FSMA 204 compliance consulting

- General News
On November 7, 2022, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent a shot across the bow of the fresh foods supply chain when it published the final version of the Food Traceability Rule, also known as FSMA 204.

Inteligistics releases premier platform for perishable supply chains

- General News
The perishable supply chain does not lack data. “From FSMA traceability to environmental sensors to product expiration and inventory management, companies are collecting gigabytes of data every day,” said Rao Mandava, Inteligistics CEO and Chairman.

Inteligistics expands leadership with two promotions

- General News
Inteligistics, which has been leading the digital transformation and adding value to perishable supply chains for over a decade, has promoted company veterans Lawrence Mallia to VP, Digital Transformation, and Eric Kithinji to VP, Operations and Engineering.

A nuclear guide to digital transformation for the produce industry

- Analysis
Technology use in the produce industry increases every year, but it hasn’t yet made a digital transformation like some industries. Rao Mandava, chairman and president of Inteligistics, hopes to help lead this transformation.

Inteligistics completes integration with temperature sensors

- General News
Monitoring and responding to deviations in the cold chain as perishable products go from the field or source to consumers, has been demonstrated to be the single greatest factor in ensuring product quality and predicting shelf life.

Church Brothers shows energy savings using technology

- General News
Soon after starting at Church Brothers, Susanne Klose, senior director of research and development, implemented a technology system from Inteligistics, whom she’d worked with for years at other companies, to improve vegetable product cooling efficiency.

Why California Giant turns to technology for more efficient cooling

- General News
California Giant Berry Farms, headquartered in Watsonville, CA, conducted a pilot program this summer to improve its berry cooling process.

Inteligistics increases efficiency with facility yard management tools

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Inteligistics, which has built a suite of smart digital products to monitor and improve efficiency for logistics, supply chain and cold chain management for companies producing and selling perishable products, now brings their technology solutions to bear on a common chokepoint in cold storage facility operations.