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Inteligistics offers one-click FSMA 204 report

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Salinas, CA (May 6, 2024) — Inteligistics, which has been at the forefront of digital technology solutions supporting food industry supply chain optimization and visibility for over a decade, has released a significant update to their flagship InteliView data management platform.

“InteliView traces fresh product up-and-down the supply chain, and includes integration with temperature sensors, ERP/WMS and Voice Pick systems,” said Rao Mandava, Inteligistics’ CEO and Chairman. “now, with just a GTIN and Lot or Batch number, companies can generate a fully compliant FSMA 204 traceability report in a matter of seconds.”

The InteliView Data Platform collects and analyses data from a wide range of existing data sources and third-party sensors and recorders. The customizable, real-time user dashboards can help companies improve efficiency and promote better decision making to improve quality, reduce labor demands and turn reams of unused data and regulatory compliance into a profit center.

“There has been a lot of talk and attention to FSMA 204, but as we get closer to the January 2026 FSMA 204 compliance date, companies have been striving to develop or find a working solution,” said Gary Fleming, Inteligistics’ Technology and Compliance Consultant.

“Because InteliView tracks orders, pallets, cases and shipments throughout the supply chain from the farm to the retail store – including last mile voice pick solutions – we are able to instantly provide the required Key Data Elements (KDEs) and Critical Tracking Events (CTEs) in a streamlined, downloadable report with a single mouse click.”

“The One-Click FMSA 204 report is a game changer,” added Mandava, “But the real value of InteliView is giving companies insight into their supply chain by generating, and integrating existing, disparate data sources into a single platform. This allows companies to increase efficiency and achieve gains by score carding internal and external operations, optimizing inventory and shelf life, reducing waste, and improving profits.”

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Inteligistics is uniquely placed in perishables industries using Silicon Valley technology and process improvements to bring digital transformation, turn Big Data into clear actions through AI/ML, and deliver high value improvements to supply chain and cold chain performance for perishable commodities. The resulting increase in productivity and reduction in critical cut-to-cool times, resources help meet sustainability goals. Using IoT, off-the-shelf wireless hardware, and proprietary cloud-based applications, Inteligistics develops custom solutions and provides an end-to-end integrated supply chain platform and standalone applications that improve quality, throughput, increase profits and deliver high ROI on the critical process of moving product from field to consumer. Visit and

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