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Domestic citrus production drops 80 percent since 2000

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The well-recognized Florida citrus license plate may need a redesign -- soon -- as production has declined nearly 90 percent in the state since 2005.

New Congressional measure to protect Florida citrus acreage

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Florida representatives in both houses of Congress have introduced a bipartisan measure that would amend the federal Conservation Reserve Program to include the state’s citrus acreage, which has suffered from a number of blows from weather, disease, and urbanization in recent years.

USDA exempts pummelos from Florida citrus marketing order

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USDA today announced a change to the Florida citrus marketing order. As recommended by the Citrus Administrative Committee, pummelos are now exempt from handling and reporting requirements under the marketing order.

Bringing Hurricane Ian damage into focus

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The exact amount of the damage done to Florida by Hurricane Ian is starting to come into focus.

Thick rinds may lead to grapefruit shortage

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Will there be any Mexican grapefruit on the market this winter? Possibly not, because under pressure from legislators from grapefruit-producing states Florida and Texas, USDA has reinstated a juice content standard for imported grapefruit.

USTR ruling: everybody’s happy

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Usually, this kind of ruling infuriates one side or another. But in this case, all parties sound surprisingly happy.

Florida Strawberry Growers Association statement on USTR’s Section 301 investigation

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The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) sent out a promising press release yesterday in response to the bipartisan effort led by Sen. Marco Rubio requesting for a formal Section 301 investigation on September 8, 2022.

Sweet and sour citrus news

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At this point, news about U.S. citrus is coming in two flavors: sweet and sour.

USApple’s statement on USTR rejection of 301 investigation

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Statement by Jim Bair, President & CEO, U.S. Apple Association

FFVA’s statement on USTR’s response to Section 301 petition

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Today’s action by the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) is a positive step toward securing trade relief for the Southeast produce industry and will help to ensure American families are not dependent on foreign imports for their produce supplies during the winter and spring months of the year.