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Florida strawberry growers plan tech-driven marketing for 2023-24 season

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November 8, 2023 DOVER, FLA – The Florida Strawberry Growers Association (FSGA) BB #:162601 is thrilled to unveil its dynamic marketing initiatives for the 2023-24 winter strawberry season.

From November through March, the campaign, created in collaboration with Blackmon Media Group, aims to entice consumers with the rallying cry: “Love Florida Strawberries!” Customers are encouraged to seek out the delectable “Fresh from Florida” strawberry varieties.

In a fresh twist, the FSGA introduces a delightful new jingle performed by children, a streaming audio advertisement detailing the strawberries’ unique health benefits, and a captivating 30-second commercial spot.

These elements are part of an integrated marketing campaign designed to engage the FSGA’s target audience — identified through comprehensive consumer behavior analysis and insights into shopping patterns, demographics, and psychographics. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies will optimize the campaign in real time for maximum impact.

FSGA’s multi-platform approach includes Over-The-Top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV) advertising, with presence on popular television programs and audio streams on platforms like iHeart Radio and Spotify.

High visibility billboards will feature the message prominently along Florida’s major highways and urban locales, complemented by digital displays at gas stations, all resonating with the catchy new jingle.

Sue Harrell, spokesperson for the FSGA, expressed excitement about the expanded marketing strategies: “With the acquisition of additional farmland to boost our strawberry production, we’re poised to bring our marketing efforts to the next level, reaching more consumers and supporting our growers.”

Mary Blackmon, Founder of Blackmon Media Group, echoed the sentiment: “We’re honored to partner with the FSGA on this project. Creating this memorable jingle and a marketing strategy with these advanced digital technologies, including AI, we’re set to hyper-target the FSGA’s most valuable prospects across a variety of digital landscapes.”

The season will also feature professionally produced videos created by the Blackmon Media Group that showcase the skill and knowledge of Florida’s strawberry growers. These narratives highlight FSGA’s distinctive varieties and innovative growing techniques that establish Florida’s reputation as the premier strawberry state.

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