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Q&A with leaders of tomato suspension dispute

- General News
As the Department of Commerce investigates dumping of Mexican tomatoes in the U.S., Blue Book reached out to spokesmen on each side of the suspension agreement dispute for a question-and-answer piece.

U.S. tomato growers support latest proposal for a new suspension agreement

- General News

PRESS RELEASE The Florida Tomato Exchange appreciates the efforts by the U.S. Department of Commerce to …

Florida: Mexican tomato growers should not pre-judge antidumping investigation

- General News

PRESS RELEASE Maitland, FL July 15, 2019 – The allegation by Mexican tomato growers that Florida …

Florida Tomato: Mexican senator is misinformed about the antidumping investigation

- General News

PRESS RELEASE Washington, D.C., June 19, 2019 – In a recent letter to the chairmen and …

Florida: A new tomato suspension agreement must have strong enforcement provisions

- General News

PRESS RELEASE On May 10, the Commerce Department presented the U.S. tomato industry and the Mexican …

Florida Tomato Exchange statement on the termination of the Tomato Suspension Agreement

- General News
Following the U.S. Department of Commerce's withdrawal of the tomato suspension agreement on May 7, the Florida Tomato Exchanged released the following statement.

Florida, Mexico still have negotiating to do on tomato agreement

- General News
While it looks like we’re closer to an agreement between Mexico and Florida on changes to the 2013 Tomato Suspension Agreement, leaders say big points still have to be negotiated.

Mexican tomato growers offer changes to suspension agreement, and Florida growers open to negotiate

- General News

PRESS RELEASE — Associations representing most of the Mexican tomato industry on April 8, formally presented …

Tomato Suspension: What’s next?

- International
While the intention of the Department of Commerce may be to withdraw from the Tomato Suspension Agreement on May 7, 2019, only time will tell what the actual outcome and/or repercussions may be.