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ASPF: New European packaging rules raise several concerns

- General News
New packaging rules adopted by the European Parliament today raise serious trade and food safety concerns. If endorsed by the EU Council later this year, they will almost certainly negatively impact global supply chains and food security at a time when more than 37 million Europeans cannot afford a quality meal every second day.

EU issues new provisional rules for more sustainable packaging

- General News
EU Parliament and Council reached a provisional agreement on revamped rules to reduce, reuse and recycle packaging, increase safety and boost the circular economy.

Packaging alliance says EU packaging study ignores food safety and food waste

- General News
The Alliance for Sustainable Packaging for Foods notes that the JRC Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) omitted considerations of food loss and waste. 

The Produce Reporter Week in Review – January 5, 2024

- Analysis
Pamela calls in from Bavaria, where she checks out the retail trends in Europe. News slows down around the holidays but Greg says a federal indictment for produce inspection fraud spiced things up.

Easier-to-recycle fruit punnets hit the market

- General News
Leading European thermoforming packaging specialist Waddington Europe, a division of Novolex, has become the first to supply a full range of soft-fruit punnets to the UK market that are easier to recycle and use less plastic than conventional punnets.

Biodegradable PLU labels and alternatives

- Analysis
Nations of the European Union, led by France, are starting to mandate that PLU labels on fruits and vegetables must be “home compostable.” Those little plastic labels that we use in this country (apart from having the annoying quality of sticking to your kitchen counter once you take them off) are not compostable. 

IFPA submits comments on EU packaging regulations

- General News
International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) submitted public comments on the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on packaging and packaging waste.

Americans are spoiled — in a good way — when it comes to apples

- Retail
I often encounter people turning up their nose at our lack of seasonality in some categories, saying maybe we shouldn’t have some fresh produce items on shelves 52 weeks a year and should learn to appreciate produce that is at its peak and turn to other foods in the off-season.   I respectfully disagree in some cases, and especially with apples.  

European packaging restriction will have consequences

- General News
North American produce companies that export to Europe face new regulations on packaging.