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Are nightshades being unfairly targeted by social media?

- Analysis
Nutritional news is often so confusing and contradictory that someone might just give up on fruits and vegetables and reach for the Twinkies.

SunFed launches baby eggplant

- General News
A new Perfect Produce star has found its way to the center plate!  Introducing Viola, Baby Eggplant from SunFed – petite in size, grand in flavor. 

Produce IQ: Lime prices erupt faster than a Tongan volcano

- Featured
While the rest of the world is busy rediscovering The Kingdom of Tonga via satellite, fresh produce markets are having yet another expensive week.

GRAPHIC: High volatility in Eggplant market

- Analysis
Eggplant volume has been lower this fall than previous years, which is causing higher price fluctuations both at wholesale and retail levels.

In an insane year, eggplant strolls along

- General News
Comparing the year-to-date eggplant volume over the last three years highlights the impact of the pandemic, as volume dipped to a 3-year low at the end of March and early April, but after that, this year looks like the previous two.