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Stemilt’s Cosmic Crisp apples become year-round variety

- General News
Amid a smaller national apple crop, Cosmic Crisp apples will launch as a year-round variety on December 1 as it grows in volume, especially in organics.

Cosmic Crisp apple to hold culinary challenge

- General News
Now in its third year in the market and widely available nationwide in grocery stores, the Cosmic Crisp apple has announced its first ever Culinary Challenge.

Stemilt marks start of Cosmic Crisp apple packing

- General News
Today marks the first day of Cosmic Crisp apple packing for the 2021-2022 season.

Cosmic Crisp apple named a Good Housekeeping Institute Healthy Snack Award Winner two years in a row

- General News
Appearing in the July/August issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine, the 2021 Healthy Snack Award testers gave the classically bred cross of the Honeycrisp and Enterprise varieties, "top marks for a crisp bite and a refreshing taste."

Experiential marketing in fresh produce: tips, tricks, and success stories

- General News
Who would pair apples with hot air balloons? Or leverage a sponsorship into something else? Hear what successful marketers do with experiential promotions.

Cosmic Crisp Apples to start summer promotions, hot air balloon tour

- General News
There are two big reasons to celebrate this week: Summer is officially just around the corner, and Cosmic Crisp apples are still in season.

Cosmic Crisp apple earns big dollars for early adopters

- General News
Cosmic Crisp apple’s meteoric growth is the big story in the latest round of April Superfresh Category Management.

Retail data shows Cosmic Crisp apple growth potential

- General News
After a record-breaking sophomore year that is not over yet, Cosmic Crisp apple’s growth trajectory indicates it will launch to the top of the apple chart in no time.

Cosmic Crisp and the ‘feel-like’ factor

- Analysis
Most foods are manufactured and therefore standardized products. This doesn’t apply to produce, of course. One nectarine may be much sweeter and juicier than the one next to it on the shelf. And consumers know this.

Cosmic Crisp needs a little more fanfare, retail

- Produce with Pamela
Y’all. How are we supposed to convince consumers to buy something premium like this if we’re not even trying?