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Why it doesn’t matter how you cut a mango

- Produce with Pamela
I've seen ridiculous videos of consumers trying to figure out mangos. Here's my kindergartener taking you to school on how it's done.

Amazon’s grocery moves – a signal of more to come?

- Produce with Pamela
Three years after Seattle-based Amazon acquired Austin, TX-based Whole Foods Market Inc., it seems that the tech giant is finally moving forward with grocery plans of its own.

Et tu, Consumer Reports?

- Produce with Pamela
By the time the annual Shoppers Guide to Pesticides in Produce (AKA Dirty Dozen) comes out every spring, the produce industry is ready with hackles raised.

On the road at H-E-B’s newest Austin store

- Produce with Pamela
See how a retailer treats click-and-collect and hot bars in a post-covid new opening.

Walmart, Target show strength of food

- Analysis
Right now, I bet Kohls wishes it had made a bigger deal with Aldi than it did with Planet Fitness.

Retail banana pricing is…bananas

- Produce with Pamela
When it comes to bananas, there’s a reason we use the word interchangeably with descriptions for insanity. It is nearly impossible to make sense of how this all continues to operate the way it does.  

Exploring the volume/price gap in fresh produce amid COVID-19

- Produce with Pamela
Pamela and Anne-Marie drill down the numbers in the most recent IRI scan data, and explore the surprisingly long list of items with a volume/price gap in the week ending July 12. 

See Lowes Foods’ lighthearted take on a fresh-cut promotion

- Produce with Pamela
Lowes Foods is promoting its Pick & Prep value-added fresh produce with a lighthearted spoof on personal injury attorney advertisements.

Who buys watercress on a whim, and more COVID-19 consumer trends

- Produce with Pamela
Anne-Marie Roerink and I are back to talk about consumer trends amid the COVID-19 crisis. This week we have the latest sales numbers, and how July 4 was surprisingly strong, despite the single-digit growth. 

Sneak peek: PMA Foodservice Delivered virtual platform

- Produce with Pamela
PMA reached out to me to see if I’d like a tour of the new Foodservice Delivered platform, and you know I’m all about tours, virtual or in-person.