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Driscoll’s releases ‘One Family, One Earth’ video series

Driscoll's logo with only the finest berries slogan.

Driscoll’s BB #:116044 mini-series entitled One Family, One Earth will consist of five docu-style short films intended to build stronger brand connections through authentic storytelling.

These films will give consumers an inside look at Driscoll’s art of growing, its thriving workforce, its environmental stewardship, and its vibrant communities. Elements of Driscoll’s operations throughout the series reinforce the company’s vision to enrich the lives of everyone they touch.

This new campaign honors the communities that participate in Driscoll’s longtime commitment to environmental stewardship and demonstrates the agricultural community’s steps towards advancing sustainability within the industry.

One Family, One Earth’s campaign debut will initially feature two new short films: Making Waves and Field Among Fields.

  • Making Waves: Water is a shared and precious resource on which all communities, ecosystems and sectors of the economy depend. Water must be managed responsibly to support the long-term viability of agriculture while ensuring local communities and the environment can thrive. It will take diversity of thought, innovations and practices to do so. This film features two growers from Watsonville, CA, each with their unique approach to water stewardship and a shared vision to preserve water resources for their community and their family for generations to come.
  • Field Among Fields: Every year, Driscoll’s works alongside local non-profits, growers and employees to invest in the communities they call home through a series of grants, sponsorships and employee volunteer paid time off. Field Among Fields features one of Driscoll’s employees and independent growers, whom together, have created a safe space for kids to play soccer in the Pajaro Valley for the past seven years. The field is home to six teams including Pajaro Valley United (PVU). PVU has given opportunities for young women to pursue college scholarships and professional teams including the women’s Mexico National team.

The Evolution of One Family T

Originally launched in 2019 as One Family™, Driscoll’s campaign was the first of its kind,  seeking to connect consumers to the many people behind Only the Finest Berries™. For more than 100 years, Driscoll’s has worked hand-in-hand with thousands of independent growers, harvesters and grocers. Many are multi-generational and have grown their family businesses alongside Driscoll’s – all are considered part of the Driscoll’s family. The campaign launched with three powerful docu-style short films: The Farmer, The Harvester and The Grocer. Over the past four years, the campaign has built a strong foundational understanding and appreciation for how Driscoll’s operates and the thousands of lives that the business touches.

In an effort to bridge Driscoll’s Social and Environmental storytelling, Driscoll’s evolved the campaign to One Family, One Earth™. One Family, One Earth™ consists of farmers, harvesters, grocers and communities coming together through a shared passion for berries, shared values around sustainability and a shared vision for vibrant growing communities – all of which will continue to steer the company into the future alongside its consumers.

Driscoll’s works with more than 900 independent growers around the world. Each operation is unique in their community and production innovations. One Family, One Earth™ will build upon this, serving as a communication platform that highlights the many ways Driscoll’s vision is realized through the power of its people, inclusive of independent growers, employees, harvesters, and grocers, and use of the brand for good.

Additionally, the campaign will provide an authentic, credible, and emotional storytelling platform for Driscoll’s to showcase how its business actions and decisions bring the company’s vision to life. The campaign’s mini-series will act as a testament to how Driscoll’s grows in harmony with the communities and environments it depends on.

Campaign Goals

“Our goal with this campaign is to build and deepen consumer brand trust and generate inspiration through transparent, credible and authentic storytelling” said Alejandra Sanchez, Sustainability & Social Impact Marketing Manager. “The interdependence between agriculture, people and the environment is essential to our daily lives. The need to sustain and nurture these relationships becomes critical to our future. One Family One Earth demonstrates, that around the world, the individuals that make up the Driscoll’s family are building longevity for their farms, their communities and the earth”

“The campaign will launch with a digital forward strategy that will initially focus on reach and engagement on our own website and social media platforms” said Jamie Bassmann, Director of Brand and Digital. “While our target audience is millennial moms, we’ve invested in consumer research to ensure our messaging and positioning will resonate with Gen Z, our future consumer. This group is gravitating towards brands that lead with their values. We’ll use paid media to measure brand affinity with our target audiences and ensure success.”

Driscoll’s new landing page currently features the two new short films and sets the stage for future content in 2024. The campaign is broken into four major focus areas: The Art of Growing, Thriving Workforce, Environmental Stewardship and Vibrant Communities. Driscoll’s will amplify the campaign throughout 2024 while releasing new short films and campaign assets.

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