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ProduceIQ unveils new tools to modernize produce procurement


Introducing the sensible RFP solution. Tailored exclusively for fresh produce buying teams, ProduceIQ’s BB #:368175 ‘Quotes’ tool automates recurring price requests, visualizes quotes against your data and the USDA, and negotiates concisely.

Their ‘Programs’ tool simulates how sophisticated contracts would have performed, allowing you to negotiate and manage optimal programs. Combined, these create a powerful toolbox, empowering your produce procurement team to save time through scheduled reminders, error-preventing automation and valuable insights!

ProduceIQ is an online toolbox that elevates the produce trading experience for buyers and suppliers. Our solutions save time, boost profitability, help our customers broaden their network, and gain access to valuable insights.

Quotes Tool, our newest feature, allows a buyer to create a request for pricing for a specific need, such as programs, ads, or recurring business. The tool automates the tedious process of putting together a request, emailing to the supplier community, managing reminders, and standardizing the collection of the results in an easy-to-digest format.

The tool is a set-it-and-forget-it automated process. Buyers are flooded with emails and Excel spreadsheets that monopolize their time. Manual entry methods such as spreadsheets leave a large margin for human error, costing time and money.

The Quotes tool saves buyers time and money by automating and standardizing the price collection process. Buyers can utilize results to generate reports, measure performance, and share results with their internal teams or customers.

“The process of requests for pricing, gathering commodity values, and having it organized in multiple views for comparisons is extremely efficient, helpful, and time-saving. Including reminders to the supplier community to meet deadlines,” said Kevin Carter, Category Manager, AWG.

The Programs tool is designed to efficiently negotiate, analyze, and manage sophisticated fresh produce contracts. The software performs the calculations to allow smarter contracts to be visualized and negotiated fairly. Terms are easier to understand and audit as standardized terminology and graphs are provided. Avoid complicated Excel formulas and data entry errors by using integrated software to maintain your programs by automatically pricing the P.O.s.

ProduceIQ is pleased to bring the latest technological innovations to the fresh produce industry!

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