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Chiquita launches ‘It Sounds So Good’ campaign

chiquita sounds so good

Fort Lauderdale, FL – November 1, 2023 – Chiquita BB #:138475 is inviting its fans to join in on the fun and celebrate the joy of bananas with the launch of its new campaign, “It Sounds So Good.”

Through the campaign, Miss Chiquita encourages consumers to take the brand’s iconic jingle and recreate it with their own personal flair—play it on the ukulele, turn it into a hip-hop jam or even give it a reggae twist—the possibilities are endless!

Chiquita’s cheerful and memorable marketing efforts date back as far as 1944 when its iconic jingle, often referred to as the “Chiquita Banana Song,” was created to highlight the wonderful benefits and qualities of Chiquita bananas. Just like the jingle says, “Any way you want to eat them, it’s impossible to beat them,” Chiquita will always sound so good – and now, consumers can be the maestro of a unique banana-inspired symphony!

“Encouraging our fans to engage with Chiquita’s iconic jingle is such a great way for them to feel a part of the Chiquita family,” said Tina Varjabedian, Global Communications Manager for Chiquita. “With ‘It Sounds So Good,’ we’re bringing the joy of Chiquita bananas to consumers in a fun and personalized way. No matter what your music taste is, there’s a banana beat for everyone.”

This campaign launches on the heels of its recent global campaign, “It Peels So Good,” which reinforced Chiquita’s leadership role in the banana category and celebrated the brand’s premium quality, delicious taste, distinctive personality, and iconic heritage.

“It Sounds So Good” has tapped a variety of content creators across Meta and TikTok to encourage consumers to grab their instruments, gather their friends and make some sweet music with Chiquita. New versions of the jingle will be shared across social using the hashtag #ItSoundsSoGood, and the campaign will culminate with Chiquita releasing the ultimate video mashup in celebration.

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About Chiquita Brands International

Chiquita is a leading global produce company that is committed to providing both consumers and customers across nearly 70 countries with the highest quality of fruit and service, making Chiquita the banana of choice. For more than 150 years, Chiquita has been proudly producing great-tasting, superior quality bananas. The brand creates a positive impact by implementing the principles of sustainability throughout all of its business practices under the “Behind the Blue Sticker” initiative. Chiquita’s iconic Blue Sticker has been the seal of approval for high-quality fruit, and a celebration of fun, but it also represents an unwavering commitment to sustainable farming, biodiversity and giving back to the communities in which the banana plantations operate. Great-tasting and convenient Chiquita bananas are fat-free, and provide a source of potassium, fiber and vitamin B6. To learn more, visit

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