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Envy apple harvest begins early

envy apple harvest

Harvest started early for new season Envy apples with fruit showing fantastic quality and appearance.

“From bloom-time onwards, weather throughout the apple growing regions in Washington state has been excellent,” says Chris Willet, VP Growing and Sales Operations T&G North America.

“We experienced warm days during spring and summer, while avoiding excessive heat. Nighttime temperatures have cooled as we entered harvest, resulting in exceptional color on the JAZZ and Envy apples. We are still at the front end of harvest, however we’re very pleased with the JAZZ and Envy picked so far. Size and color have drastically increased compared with last season. With continued increase in Envy volumes, we will produce a wide range of sizes to support retail programs. Following a year with continued double-digit growth in sales, we expect a strong sales season, with exceptional color and quality on both conventional and organic Envy, that will help drive sales and ensure repeat purchases at retail.”    

“We’re really excited that our new season Envy apple harvest is well underway here in the Pacific Northwest – this year’s crop is already looking to be our finest yet!” says Tim Jacometti, Export manager, T&G North America. 

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“We’ve had early maturing this season which means we don’t need to rush harvest, and the weather is on our side, with the long-range weather forecast looking optimal – which is fantastic news. The Envy apples we’re picking have exceptional color and great size, which is a perfect fit to our customer preferences in Asia. We also began packing this week to meet the exceptional demand for Envy™ this year. We can’t wait for consumers to start enjoying the highest eating quality of this season’s Envy apples.”

“We have driven double digit growth 3 years in a row and Envy has consolidated as a premium everyday apple. I am proud of the progress achieved in bringing new consumers to the category and in driving velocity at our key retail partners. I am super excited about the new season. Talk to us for new promotion opportunities.”

Envy grown in North America is marketed and distributed by Rainier Fruit BB #:113453, Oppy BB #:116424, and CMI BB #:134183 orchards.

About T&G Global

T&G Global’s story began 125 years ago as Turners and Growers, and today the business helps grow healthier futures for people around the world. As a part of the BayWa Global Produce family, T&G is located in 13 countries and its team of 1,600 people both grow and partner with over 1,200 growers to market, sell and distribute nutritious fresh produce to customers and consumers in over 60 countries. It does this guided by kaitiakitanga – treating the land, people, produce, resources, and community with the greatest of respect and care, as guardians of their future.

About Envy
Envy is a registered trademark owned by the T&G group of companies. It was developed in Aotearoa New Zealand and patented in 2009. Envy is grown under license by T&G in selected prime apple growing regions across the globe, including Aotearoa New Zealand, North America, South Africa, Australia, and Europe. Envy apples have become an international success story with global demand, sold and distributed in over 60 countries.

About JAZZ

JAZZ™ is a registered trademark owned by the T&G group of companies, that refers to the Scifresh apple variety. Originating in Aotearoa New Zealand, it was developed by Plant & Food Research and patented in 2003. JAZZ™ is grown under license by T&G in prime apple growing regions across the globe, including Aotearoa New Zealand, USA, Chile, South Africa, UK, Europe and Australia.

Contact for promotion opportunities:  

Cecilia Flores Paez

Head of Marketing T&G North America