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ZAG Technical Services launches new data solution for Famous ERPs


San Jose, Calif., September 13, 2023 – ZAG Technical Services (ZAG) BB #:365534, an award-winning IT consulting firm, managed services, and IT security provider in the Ag, Food & Beverage industries has announced the release of Syncrova, a ground-breaking tech solution designed to help companies up and down the supply chain easily access and utilize the data they are already generating to glean insight level analytics that drive competitive advantage.

Syncrova leverages data collected by Famous Software, agriculture’s leading enterprise resource planning system (ERP), as well as other ERPs from the fields, packing lines, warehouses, logistics and shipping, to deliver organized data ready to be mined for actionable insights. The key features that set this solution apart from similar solutions are its lower cost, sweeping system compatibility, flexibility, ease of use, and speed to data.

NCSU reports that by 2025 the average farm is expected to generate over 1 million data points per day. While some agribusinesses utilize advanced technology and data, others have yet to harness the opportunity.

“Data is a valuable asset that can drive revenue and reduce costs, thereby improving margins,” commented Thuan Ngo, VP of data and software services for ZAG. “Not leveraging the data you generate and own is equivalent to purchasing the latest modernized equipment and never using it.”

What companies do with their data varies greatly, but through research ZAG identified repeated challenges among Famous ERP users preventing them from fully employing their data to make decisions. “In our research, we chose to start with the Famous platform because of its wide-spread use in the industry, and we found common themes in the trials users reported and the information they wished they could leverage,” stated Ngo, “so we developed a solution that addressed all of them.”

With cost and usability often top concerns among tech solutions, Syncrova was designed with an eye and an ear to the feedback they were given from ERP users. It can be implemented at a fraction of other solution start-up costs as it requires no system overhaul and is currently compatible with the Famous ERP system and is being tooled to integrate with additional ERP’s, reducing costs and time to implementation. It is also flexible, able to be updated and modified based on changing user needs, delivering great value.

Current market solutions associated with modern ERPs require an expert to mine data and generate reports. This type of reporting loop requires expert staffing and can slow down the speed to market of information often taking weeks to months to complete and with outcomes still lacking easy-to-understand formats that can be used to drive insightful decision making.

“Agribusiness moves fast and simply doesn’t have the weeks and months of time needed or the staffing overhead to effectively manage data in traditional systems,” Ngo added. That’s why Syncrova is made for today’s modern agribusiness. It provides a powerful and user-friendly interface that democratizes data and allows any in-house workers with access to easily pull needed data and deliver it in hours to days with visual charts and graphs, ready to present.

“ZAG understands the price pressures on food production and the role that tech plays in optimizing food production.” shares Greg Gatzke, President and founder of ZAG. “We have a passion and deep understanding of this industry. Technology is the engine that drives competitive advantage today. The use of the data resulting from these technologies will drive efficiency and make companies more competitive. Syncrova will enable the mining of information out of the data that companies have in their hands today.”

To learn how you can leverage your data to gain a competitive advantage and optimize your business outcomes contact ZAG for a live Syncrova demo at

About ZAG Technical Services
ZAG Technical Services, Inc. (ZAG), is an award-winning IT consulting firm and managed services provider (MSP) for the agribusiness industry specializing in infrastructure, advanced IT security solutions, and data and software services. ZAG enables client success through digital transformation, managed services, and support that delivers operational resilience while mitigating risk and providing a competitive edge. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., and with offices in Salinas, Calif. and Meridian, Idaho, and team members in 20 states, ZAG is the premier provider of information technology for Western agribusinesses.