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Zag gives helpful tips to celebrate World Password Day

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San Jose, Calif., May 14, 2024 – ZAG Technical Services (ZAG) BB #:365534, an award-winning IT consulting firm, managed services, and IT security provider specializing in the Ag and Food & Beverage industries, celebrated World Password Day earlier this month with a downloadable infographic containing helpful tips companies can easily implement to keep their systems safer.

The unofficial holiday may have been earlier this month, but ZAG is reminding readers that every day is World Password Day. “A cybercriminal’s work is never done,” shared Allen Santana, ZAG cybersecurity operations manager for IT security and compliance.

“Awareness of password security should be a daily habit for everyone, not just on a designated day,” Santana emphasized. “Protecting your digital assets with strong passwords and practicing good password hygiene are essential components of cybersecurity defense.”

The graphic is full of helpful information including

  • Five simple ways to keep your email account safe
  • The dos and don’ts of safe online interactions
  • Incredible statistics about the cost and impacts of recent breaches

Verizon reports that 74% of breaches involve a human element, such as clicking malicious links, highlighting the need to educate employees. Easy to follow, ZAG offers this infographic in hopes readers share it with their teams.

When asked what he hopes readers take away from this story, Santana, added, “I hope ag organizations continue to educate their workers on current threats and how to avoid them. Threats are constantly changing.”

Santana continued, “If I had to pick one tip from the infographic, what I hope readers remember is multifactor authentication. As users of email and productivity apps in the field ourselves, we understand this extra step isn’t always popular, but it greatly reduces the chance of a cybersecurity breach. Protecting your digital infrastructure is not just about safeguarding your business—it’s also about ensuring the certainty of supply and integrity of the food supply chain.”

The infographic can be downloaded here.

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ZAG Technical Services, Inc.?(ZAG), is an award-winning IT consulting firm and managed services provider (MSP) for the agribusiness industry specializing in cybersecurity, data and software services, and modern infrastructure. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with offices in Salinas, Calif. and Boise, Idaho, ZAG employs 140 U.S.-based IT experts in 22 states serving clients in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico as the premier provider of information technology for agribusiness, keeping your company and every team member online and working 100% of the time. ?

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