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AgTech firm Semios acquires Altrac farm automation platform

- General News
Semios, the leading precision-farming platform for permanent crops, announced today it has acquired Altrac, developers of an agriculture automation platform enabling farmers to monitor and control important agricultural systems required to produce high-value crops from their computer or mobile device.

Why interoperable data will save time and money for ag

- General News
Last week we shared that the Produce Marketing Association {{BB #:153708}} would join AgStack Foundation as a founding member, alongside other partners including Centricity Global, Farm OS, IBM, McKinsey and Company, Mixing Bowl & Better Food Ventures and more.

Stemilt’s data reveals apple dollars up, volume down

- General News
Stemilt’s marketing director Brianna Shales and communications manager, Katie Harmon, start 2021 by analyzing the last 12 weeks of Nielsen retail scan data during Stemilt’s Fast Facts: The Cast video analysis.

Getting ROI out of predictive analytics

- General News
Predictive analytics can help produce companies make better decisions rather than relying on past results or gut instinct.

Prima Wawona empowers stone fruit retailers with key category data

- Retail
Prima Wawona reviews and analyzes data such as margins, the effect of price on sales volumes over time, retailer performance compared to the industry average, sales promotion performance, price gaps and more, segmented by commodity across the stone fruit category.