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Store Check: Lowes Foods, Harrisburg, NC

lowes foods fun
The Halloween decorations, plus the clip-you-own-herbs display at this Lowes Foods had me smiling.

HARRISBURG, NC — I’ve been to a Lowes Foods BB #:159251 (maybe even this exact store?) before, and from what I remember, they’ve upgraded.

While my previous experience was great — I was there to visit a farmers market promotion with a grower on-site — this store has a lot of, well, fun features.

Lowe’s launched a clip-you-own herbs promotion quite a while ago, and I was pleased to see it’s still up and running. The Halloween decorations added to the fun atmosphere. While this produce department isn’t huge, it is well-maintained, fresh, and full.

I noticed Lowes uses floor stickers to catch shoppers’ attention, too, something I’ve not seen many retailers use. I thought it was pretty effective in this atmosphere.


Pamela Riemenschneider is the Retail Editor for Blue Book Services.