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FFVA gives hurricane damage update

ffva christina morton

“Hurricane Idalia brought heavy rain, high winds and a dangerous storm surge to the Big Bend region of Florida,” said Christina Morton, director of communications for the Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association BB #:153753 on Sept. 1.

“That’s the area of the state where the panhandle meets the peninsula and it is less populated. Based on early reports, we are grateful to hear that our family and friends who were in the impacted communities are safe. Though, the storm certainly left its mark.

“Generally speaking, while a limited number of growers saw significant impacts in the Big Bend region, much of the state’s specialty crop growers were spared. For growers who were able, normal operations resumed Thursday. In fact, the majority of the state’s industry is set to begin planting next week in preparation for harvest in November.

“Any time we experience a weather event in Florida, we are reminded of the great care and commitment of our growers, who work tirelessly to ensure millions of Americans have access to fresh fruits and vegetables.”