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Lettuce markets rising due to poor weather

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Iceberg markets are up following reduced yields in the Arizona and California desert regions; green leaf and romaine prices are inching higher as well.

ProduceIQ: Heavy rain saturates West Coast

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California can’t shake the gray. The deluge and flood risk should lighten up by Tuesday, but there is a high chance of isolated showers continuing through Wednesday.

Weekend rain to further disrupt strawberry supplies

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Rain is expected in the Oxnard, California, growing region starting Sunday, February 18 and continuing through Wednesday, February 21.

DAT Truckload Volume Index: January cold leads to spot-market surge

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A weather-related bump in demand for truckload capacity pushed spot freight volumes to all-time highs for January, reported DAT Freight & Analytics, which operates the DAT One online freight marketplace and DAT iQ data analytics service.

The Year Ahead: Weather and the changing climate

- Produce Blueprints
While it’s true weather has always been unpredictable, the last few years have proven this is now a vast understatement—with devastating weather events seeming to be the new normal.

VIDEO: More desert rain and quality problems

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Some of Markon Cooperative's Markon First Crop (MFC) Iceberg and Leaf Lettuce items are not available this week with Markon Best Available or packer brand are being substituted as needed.

Ocean Mist Farms offers Frost-Kissed Artichokes

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Ocean Mist Farms, the leading grower and marketer of fresh artichokes in North America, announces their first Frost-Kissed crop of the season currently being harvested out of their southern growing region in Coachella, Calif.

VIDEO: Low temps, ice hit desert crops, causing damage and delays

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Cold temperatures and lettuce ice are developing in the Arizona/California desert growing region. Markon First Crop (MFC) Green Leaf, Iceberg, and Romaine packs are available.

ProduceIQ: Cold weather freezes index prices at all-time high

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Winter is making up for lost time. Back-to-back storms Ember and Finn brought wintery weather to most of the United States over the weekend, including ice to lettuce-growing regions in Arizona and more rain for water-logged Florida.

Desert ice forecast expected to disrupt production

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A series of winter cold fronts are expected over the next week in the Arizona-California desert growing region, bringing a pattern of light rain followed by cool temperatures and lettuce ice conditions.