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ProduceIQ: Dry veg items at both extremes during summer transition

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The Dry Veg category is notoriously volatile, and this year is no exception. The end of the Spring season is playing out similarly to the end of 2024’s winter season. In both instances, weather-induced transitional gaps in supply have kept supply low and prices high.

ProduceIQ: May the weather odds be ever in your favor

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Welcome to hurricane season. Tropical systems will have an easier time developing this year due to higher ocean temperatures in the Atlantic and the arrival of La Niña.

ProduceIQ: Mexican drought strains U.S. produce supply chain, prices

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The ongoing Mexican drought is significantly impacting U.S. produce prices. Reduced supply, increased costs, and quality concerns are just some obstacles facing suppliers and buyers.

ProduceIQ: Power is out, heat is on

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Here’s the latest on the temperature extremes. A high-pressure ridge is bringing dangerous heat to parts of Florida and Texas. In both states, the heat wave is forecasted to continue through Memorial Day.

ProduceIQ: Weather extremes rock growers across the Americas, yet produce prices hold steady

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2024 is setting records for extreme weather events. In the past week, growers across the Americas have been affected by intense heat, hail, rain, drought, wind, and cold.

Disease pressure limits California romaine supplies

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Growers in California’s Salinas Valley continue to deal with lingering Anthracnose pressure, which is the primary reason romaine supplies are limited.

Multiple weather issues cause Peruvian table grape exports to fall  

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The 2023-2024 table grape campaign has been a challenging one, Alejandro Cabrera, the general manager of the Peruvian Table Grape Producers Association (Provid), told Agraria.

ProduceIQ: Wind challenges golfers and growers alike

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Blistering winds whipped through growing regions on the West Coast and Southeast as separate fronts brought rain and cooler weather to California, Arizona, and parts of the Southeast.

California rain cancels, delays harvests

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California’s Salinas Valley and Santa Maria growing regions received upwards of .5” of rain with estimated totals to reach as high as .1” in the next 24 hours.

ProduceIQ: March brings winter to the West and summer to the East

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California has turned into a real-life snow globe. Up to ten feet of snow is expected in parts of the Sierras. Although the late winter storm will impact logistics throughout the state for a few days, the snowpack and rain will only benefit the industry in the dry season.