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VIDEO: A stop at H-E-B’s Fresh Bites convenience store

h-e-b fresh bites convenience store

LEANDER, TX — H-E-B sprung this new Fresh Bites convenience store on me rather quickly. One weekend I noticed site work, and before I knew it, they were serving up breakfast tacos.

It took me a little while to get over there to try it, partially because the True Texas Taco stand is only open for breakfast and lunch, and partly because I have four other H-E-B stores closer to my house that I regularly shop. And the funny thing is, while this new one in Leander is super nice, I still go to the small, kinda-shabby location in Cedar Park, TX — the same one my family has been shopping at for close to 20 years.

Are there newer, fancier H-E-B stores near me? Yes. Are they as quick and easy to shop as “my” H-E-B? No. And I find that the product assortment is just as good in grocery, though I may not find as many “nice to haves” as I do in the big Leander store or the other Cedar Park location that has the furniture and home decor. Again, I’m not there for cow hide throw pillows. I’m there for fresh-cut pineapple, fajita meat, and Dr. B (H-E-B’s store brand of Dr. Pepper, for the unfamiliar.)

Anyway, the Leander location was the first for the new Fresh Bites convenience concept. Another opened in June in Lytle. Previously, you could get a 12-pack of Dr. B and some washer fluid at a H-E-B gas station. This new option is a little more on Buc-ee’s turf, with a heavy emphasis on fresh food and drinks.

My husband and older son tried the tacos and deemed them worthy gas station fare. My younger son opted for sushi. I had some sweet tea with nugget ice — there was something for everyone.


Pamela Riemenschneider is the Retail Editor for Blue Book Services.