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SEPC hosts annual summer Board meeting

SEPC hosts annual summer Board meeting

Millen, GA (July 26, 2023) – Southeast Produce Council BB #:191194 held its annual summer Board meeting July 18th – 20th in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Southern Innovations will be taking place in less than two months. During the meeting, SEPC’s Board of Directors, Board of Governors, Board Ambassadors, and staff discussed several strategic goals and tactics. SEPC Committee Chairs each gave their reports regarding all of the NICE aspects of the Council (Networking, Innovation, Community, Education), providing a brief synopsis on committee initiatives. Then board members rolled up their sleeves and put on their thinking caps as they engaged in round table discussions, delving into strategies and tactics to futureproof the Council through their strategic initiative work. 

“The achievements this outstanding group of industry leaders can accomplish together never cease to amaze me! Our primary focus has been strategically planning for the future, ensuring we continue to offer industry-leading experiences and the most innovative networking and educational sessions. Not to mention staying hyper-focused on giving back to the communities in which we serve. Thank you to the entire group, whose tireless efforts have provided a future-focused plan – Together We Grow Higher.”

~ Tim Graas, Chairman of the Board, Southeast Produce Council/ Executive Director of Produce, Associated Wholesale Grocers
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About Southeast Produce Council

The Southeast Produce Council (SEPC) sprouted in 1999 when a shared vision for cultivating a nonprofit Southeastern-based produce organization was planted. From the first formal meeting of the SEPC where 100 agriculture, retail, and foodservice professionals gathered, we’ve flourished into a vibrant and innovative organization of over 4,000 industry professionals who reap the benefits of harvesting quality experiences guaranteed to increase the value of their membership. As with farmland, a well-cultivated industry can last for generations, and today, we continue to grow at a steady pace thanks to a broad range of backgrounds and expertise from people like you, creating a more bountiful tomorrow.

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