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Fresh Farms plans to expand melon program

Fresh Farms updates in Mexican melon market

Nogales AZ – Fresh Farms, BB #:194140 a leading produce company, is making significant strides in the Mexican melon market, driving growth and expansion with their exceptional offerings.

Jean P. Honorat
Sales Melon Division

“Quality is amazing, fruit is coming in high in brix, perfect for summer events snacks, we can expect two more weeks of volume, but overall volume has been lower than forecasted”

Jean P Honorat

When it comes to sourcing watermelons, Fresh Farms exclusively partners with local growers in Hermosillo, Mexico. These long-standing relationships with growers have been cultivated over the years, establishing them as an integral part of the Fresh Farms family.

With a focus on future expansion, Fresh Farms has ambitious plans to extend their melon program beyond Mexico. Collaborating with U.S. partners, they are poised to broaden their offerings.

To connect with consumers, Fresh Farms has implemented captivating marketing strategies. Social media challenges with enticing prizes have successfully engaged consumers, highlighting the unique qualities of their Mexican watermelons.

Fresh Farms acknowledges the crucial role that retailers play in maximizing demand and sales. With the current volumes in the season, Fresh Farms advises retailers to capitalize on peak periods through effective retail promotions and merchandising techniques. These efforts will ensure a seamless flow of movement and enable retailers to meet consumer demands efficiently.

Fresh Farms remains committed to their vision of providing superior produce while continuously exploring opportunities for growth and expansion. By collaborating with local growers and international partners, Fresh Farms is poised to make a lasting impact in the Mexican melon market.