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How sweet is Dole’s new Limited Edition Golden Selection pineapple?

dole golden selection pineapple

We’re definitely pineapple people in the Riemenschneider household. My 8th grader, Ike, has me get him fresh-cut fruit for his pre-game routine and pineapple is his No. 1 choice.

We usually dig through the cut fruit section at H-E-B to find the darkest yellow pineapple we can find, because he likes the more intense flavor (and so do I.)

When I came across Dole’s BB #:124463 new Limited Edition Golden Selection pineapple at their booth at CPMA, I was definitely intrigued. Bil Goldfield, director, global corporate communications and marketing told me the fruit is sweeter, and more like a Hawaiian pineapple, though these are grown in Costa Rica. Growers take a more artisanal approach, with a lot of care and effort, he said.

“It’s a lot of hands-on labor,” Goldfield said. “We select a much sweeter, more delicate softer-shelled pineapple with a rich, gold color.”

“It’s really sweet,” he emphasized.  

He was not kidding. Dole sent a sample to my house and the boys and I had to try it. It was almost too sweet – just riding the edge of giving my salivary glands that weird feeling like you get when you’ve had too many pieces of candy, if that makes sense.

But it makes you want more.

Uli, my 9-year-old, said it tastes like a pineapple Jolly Rancher without the sourness.

I will definitely keep my eyes open for them at the store.


Pamela Riemenschneider is the Retail Editor for Blue Book Services.