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California Walnuts teams up for fresh take on in-store snacking

California Walnuts Has a Fresh Take on Snacking with New In-Store Partnership

Just in time to celebrate National Walnut Day on May 17, the California Walnuts retail team is motivating shoppers with a promotion that pairs walnuts with Natural Delights BB #:163391 dates and BelGioioso cheese (mascarpone and creamy gorgonzola).

The co-branded promotion will initially be featured at Hy-Vee, Marc’s, Strack & Van Til, Cub Foods and Albertsons/Vons SoCal. The promotion will go live on May 15.

The retail excitement in this partnership underscores walnuts growth as a top staple in the snacker diet. In fact, four in five (80%) – or 191 million – American snackers eat walnuts (Source: Consumer Snacking Survey by Kelton in partnership with California Walnuts, 2021).

California Walnuts encourages retailers to feature the delicious snack recipes, which can be found at Natural Delights.

In addition, California Walnuts is urging retailers to utilize their in-store dietitians to help encourage shoppers to incorporate walnuts into their meals and snacks, providing information about the broad health benefits, including walnuts as the only tree nut that provides an excellent source of plant-based omega-3 ALA, and suggesting easy and delicious ways to eat walnuts on a regular basis.

Additional Walnut Fast Facts:

National Walnut Day, 5/17: National Walnut Day is on Wednesday, May 17, and is the perfect time to tap into the summer snacking season with California Walnuts. As an easy, grab-and-go food, walnuts can be celebrated on this national holiday to promote better-for-you snacks made with California Walnuts.

  • Nutritional Bonus: Walnuts work hard to help you powered through the whole day, and whether you are looking for snacks that provide comfort or wellness, walnuts can satisfy any of your cravings. A powerhouse of important nutrients, one ounce of walnuts includes protein (4g), fiber (2g), a good source of magnesium (45mg) and an excellent source of plant-based omega-3 ALA (2.5 g/oz).   
  • Snack Storage is Key: From snack creations to the ingredients essential for whipping up your favorite recipes, it’s important to store walnuts properly. For optimal storage and fresh taste, keep walnuts in an airtight container in the refrigerator if you’re planning to use them right away. If you don’t plan to use them for a month or longer, put them in an airtight container in the freezer.