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California Walnut Board launches direct-to-consumer marketing campaign

- General News
The California Walnut Board & Commission are launching a marketing campaign to highlight the role of walnuts in the holiday season.

California walnut estimate up 5 percent

- General News
The 2023 California walnut production is forecast at 790,000 tons, up 5% from 2022’s production of 752,000 tons.

USDA amends walnut marketing order

- General News
The amendments were supported by more than two-thirds of the growers voting in the referendum, or by those representing at least two-thirds of the volume of walnuts grown by those voting in the referendum.

USDA to amend the federal marketing order for California walnuts

- General News
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today announced that producers of walnuts grown in California voted to amend their federal marketing.

California Walnuts teams up for fresh take on in-store snacking

- General News
Just in time to celebrate National Walnut Day on May 17, the California Walnuts retail team is motivating shoppers with a promotion that pairs walnuts with Natural Delights dates and BelGioioso cheese (mascarpone and creamy gorgonzola).

California Walnuts kick off walnut meat campaign

- General News
As consumers seek more plant-based options and creative recipes for at-home cooking, California Walnuts is kicking off a new campaign to highlight the versatility of walnut meat starting on May 1 and running through the end of June.

California Walnuts global campaign raises plant-based Omega-3 awareness

- General News
California Walnuts is raising awareness of the health benefits associated with omega-3 alpha-linoleic acid (ALA), while spotlighting the many ways that the versatility of walnuts can help increase the intake of omega-3 in the diet.

Walnut consumption shows positive effect against academic stress

- General News
Being a university student is an especially stressful time in life. In fact, eight in 10 university students report experiencing frequent bouts of stress and 61% of university students seek counseling for anxiety, depression or other needs.1

California Walnuts see retail growth in produce department

- General News
The California walnut industry is forging a new strategic direction that will address the maturing competitive global market and support a refreshed positioning for walnuts that will highlight their unmatched versatility.

Walnuts are produce too

- Analysis
When Robert Verloop took his job as CEO of the California Walnut Commission and executive director of the California Walnut Board, people told him, “We’re sorry to see you leave the produce industry.”