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California Walnuts kick off walnut meat campaign

california walnut meat

As consumers seek more plant-based options and creative recipes for at-home cooking, California Walnuts is kicking off a new campaign to highlight the versatility of walnut meat starting on May 1 and running through the end of June.

The campaign highlights the versatility of walnut meat and how easy it is to prepare at home. Ground walnuts can be added to other pantry staples with your favorite spices to provide an easy and affordable boost of nutrition in a meat alternative without having to forego the flavor and texture of traditional meat. Given the ease and delicious flavor and texture of walnut meat, it’s no surprise that walnuts were recognized by Kerry Taste Charts as the #1 ingredient for meat alternatives in 2021.

For this campaign, California Walnuts is partnering with two well-known food influencers, Yumna Jawad, @Feel Good Foodie, and Justin Doiron, @Justine Snacks, to showcase new plant-based recipes crafted with walnut meat finding fresh and new ways to traditional recipes.

For example, Yumna will be developing and sharing her custom recipe for stuffed shells with walnut meat, which will be incorporated into her social content on Instagram and TikTok.

The campaign will also be featured in advertising across social and digital platforms. The advertising content will encourage consumers to check out a wide variety of walnut meat recipes available on, with an educational video that will take them through how to prepare walnut meat in a taco and a burger patty in a simple, step by step process.

The video can be accessed at this link along with other easy walnut meat recipes.

Yumna Jawad, @FeelGoodFoodie

“I’m so thrilled to be partnering with California Walnuts for its new Walnut Meat campaign! I love to create unique dishes with walnuts because they are so versatile. Walnuts truly mimic the texture of ground beef with just a quick pulse in the food processor – and they can be flavored with virtually any type of seasoning I like. It’s fast, simple and easy – and includes ingredients you already have in your pantry!” said Yumna Jawad, @FeelGoodFoodie.