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Dole celebrates National Banana Day by seeking rare banana avoiders

Dole celebrates National Banana Day by seeking new tasters worldwide

Produce leader hopes to find Americans who have so far resisted the global appeal of the “Musa acuminata”

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – It’s the world’s most popular fruit, the top-selling item in the supermarket and a staple for more than 90% of American households.

It seems unfathomable, but given this level of ubiquity, is there such a thing as a Banana Unicorn, someone who has yet to try the iconic yellow fruit?

Fruit and vegetable leader Dole Food Company, Inc., BB #:124463 a brand synonymous with bananas since the fruit arrived in the U.S. in the 1800’s, is honoring National Banana Day on April 19 with a search for those elusive adult Americans who have so far resisted the taste, nutrition, convenience and all-daypart recipe and meal appeal of bananas for non-medical or allergy reasons.

Starting April 19, Dole is asking self-proclaimed banana-eating virgins to share their “life-without-bananas” stories, photos and videos on its Facebook and Instagram pages which can include the reasons for their life-long banana aloofness, close calls with the yellow fruit, and banana unicorn-proving testimony from supportive friends and family.

Dole will award a year of free DOLE Bananas and an assortment of the most popular banana recipes from its vast online recipe library to those posting the most convincing cases of how and why they have elected a banana-free life. Winning banana unicorns have the option of transferring the prize, valued at more than $100, to a banana lover in their lives or joining the masses that love the beloved fruit.

“If you’ve resisted trying a banana up until now for non-health reasons, or even tasted one once and didn’t like it, we want to hear your story,” said Rachel Young, Dole’s manager of digital marketing and communications. “We’re convinced that Dole has a banana smoothie, snack, salad, sandwich, side dish, entrée or dessert recipe that will change your status from banana unicorn to banana regular.”

“If a banana unicorn does exist, we want their first banana experience to be Dole,” she said.

Young and the team at Dole will support the program with a dedicated social media campaign as part of a larger, month-long tribute to National Banana Day.

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