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Dole’s 30 surprising banana uses and recipes for National Banana Day

Dole's 30 surprising banana uses and recipes for National Banana Day
Pictured left to right, Banana Milk Iced Coffee, In the Garden – As a Spray-On Fertilizer and Banana Bread Batter Pudding

Global banana provider turns the holiday into a month-long celebration with a surprise recipe or household use every day in April

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — As the world’s most popular fruit and one of the most-purchased items across the entire supermarket, bananas are great on your morning cereal, in smoothies or as the base for a salad, sandwich or grilled dessert.

But have you used them to polish your shoes, remove a splinter, reduce nausea, moisturize your face or practice your tattooing skills?

In honor of National Banana Day on April 19, Dole Food Company Inc. BB #:124463 is offering an unexpected recipe or household use for the ubiquitous yellow fruit every day in April. Dole’s first-ever 30-day banana tribute comes two years after the global produce leader decided one day wasn’t enough to honor all things banana and went to a week-long celebration for National Banana Day in 2021.

“Convenient, economical, nutrient-packed, naturally sweet, just the right size for kids’ lunches, and offering their own bio-degradable packaging, bananas are practically the perfect food – and also one of the most versatile items in your home,” said Bil Goldfield, director of corporate communications for Dole Food Company.

“Given the many surprising sides to everyone’s favorite produce, we’re peeling back 30 days’ worth of unexpected recipes and household uses, blog and social posts, appearances by Dole’s Bobby Banana and other surprises throughout April in honor of National Banana Day.”

One of the many highlights of the 30-day calendar are seven recipes that use bananas in unanticipated ways such as the basis for sushi, baby food, iced coffee, an energy bar or in-the-peel grilled dessert. The dishes calling for DOLE Bananas were developed by Melanie Marcus MA, RD Dole’s nutrition and health communications manager.

“We all know that bananas are packed with nutrients, but even the peel contains various bioactive compounds, rich phenolics and anti-inflammatory properties that can fertilize the garden, ripen other produce, soothe a hangover and more,” said Marcus. “At the end of the day, I like to say that bananas are the hardest-working produce in the produce department.”

30 Unexpected Uses for a DOLE Banana in April 2023

April 1 – Learn how to tattoo. Tattoo artists are known to practice their skills on a banana. (No, this is not April Fools.) (Source)

April 2 – Polish leather shoes. (Source)

April 3 – Restore luster to silver jewelry. (Source)

April 4 – Make a fertilizer tea to nourish the garden. (Source)

April 5 – Take as a tastier, less-expensive daily multi-vitamin. (Source)

April 6 – Make sushi. (Recipe Link)

April 7 – Reduce nausea and morning sickness. (Source)

April 8 – Brighten up houseplants. (Source)

April 9 – Make banana iced coffee for your Easter morning! (Recipe Link)

April 10 – Erase ink stains from your skin. (Source)

April 11 – Get you moving. (Bananas are a natural laxative.) (Source)

April 12 – Make vinegar. (Source)

April 13 – Boost brain power. (Source)

April 14 – Remove a splinter. (Source)

April 15 – Attract birds and butterflies. (Source)

April 16 – Throw on the grill unpeeled for a naturally sweet dessert. (Recipe Link)

April 17 – Ripen other fruit. (Source)

April 18 – Grow a banana tree. (Only possible with certain varieties.) (Source)

April 19 – Happy National Banana Day! Celebrate the best day of the year.

April 20 – Tenderize a roast. (Source)

April 21 – Burn as firewood to keep warm.(Source)

April 22 ­– Eat the peel (and love it) to practice Earth Day sustainability. (Recipe Link)

April 23 – Blend up the original Dole Whip of Disney parks fame. (Recipe Link)

April 24 – Moisturize your face (Source)

April 25 – Soothe a hangover with nature’s Vitamin B6-rich hangover cure. (Source)

April 26 – Make your own energy bars. (Recipe Link)

April 27 – Honor Elvis Presley by making his favorite peanut butter and banana sandwich. (Source)

April 28 – Replace nicotine gum or a patch to stop smoking. (Source)

April 29 – Heal minor ailments and accelerate skin regeneration. (Source)

April 30 – Make baby food. (Recipe Link) 

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