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Stemilter’s Day: a celebration of culture and sustainability

Stemilter's Day: A celebration of culture and sustainability

WENATCHEE, Wash. – On March 20, Stemilt BB #:113654 celebrated its second annual Stemilter’s Day to recognize the hard work that nearly 4,000 team members put into growing and producing high-quality fresh fruit every day.

This year’s Stemilter’s Day focused on what it means to be a Stemilter, and recognized people for their years of work at Stemilt.  

“To fully deliver on our core mission of cultivating people and delighting consumers, it all starts with our people,” says Stemilt President, West Mathison. “Loyalty, inclusivity, dedication, compassion, appreciation, helpfulness, and support are just some of the key traits that a Stemilter must lean in to in order to help us on our journey of being World Famous.”

To show Stemilter appreciation, Stemilt provided a chocolate treat and Stemilt swag including long sleeves, sweatshirts, vests, and jackets to everyone who has reached a milestone in their working career with the company.  

“Celebrating Stemilter’s Day is one part of sharing what it means to be a Stemilter,” says Mathison. “Our core values of integrity, trust, innovation, humility, and stewardship along with these key Stemilters traits have been fundamental in helping Stemilt grow and become a well-known company in the industry. We are now embarking on a new endeavor to ensure we continue to be a sustainable organization that’s here for years to come.”