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From magnificent mushrooms to mocktails, FoodMix releases 2023 food trend predictions

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CHICAGO, Ill. (December 8, 2022) – FoodMix Marketing Communications, a full-service food marketing agency, is utilizing its 30 years of experience and proprietary research to shed light on how food and food channels are changing, innovating, improving, and even in some instances going back to the basics in 2023.

Highlights of this year’s predictions show that consumers are being driven as much by their heart, soul and values as they are by their taste buds. We are all seeking new experiences, and new meaning, and thus looking at the food world differently in this post-pandemic era.

FoodMix Marketing Communications’ 2023 Predicted Food Trends:

· Sustainability Becomes More Specific.

Look for consumers to be more engaged in the how and why a company is offering a sustainable product. With the success of emerging practices like regenerative agriculture, people will want to know the extent of how their purchases will impact the earth and future generations.

· The Point Is to Become More Purposeful.

A company’s vision, mission and values are now more meaningful than ever to audiences, and, the younger the generation, the more important they are. Appealing to consumers’ hearts and souls will continue to be a successful strategy as a connection to the WHY will always help build Brand Love.

· This Isn’t Your Grandfather’s Early Bird Special.

Early bird specials and loyalty programs are primed to heat up this year as younger generations seem less interested in staying out as late as their older counterparts did at the same age. Plus, with a recession looming, the discounts associated with these earlier deals will lure in more crowds than ever before.

· Happy Days Are Not Quite Here Again – But That’s Reason to Eat Out.

Despite inflation and recession – or perhaps because of them – we expect consumers to return to restaurant dining rooms in 2023 out of the primal need for connection and community. They may skip an appetizer or dessert to economize, but they will still gather around for a meal.

· Mushrooms Come Out of the Dark.

Thanks to their meaty texture and umami-rich flavor, mushrooms will certainly solidify their place in the culinary space in 2023. While there are plenty of (processed) vegan offerings on the market, it’s impossible to compete with this naturally plant-based superfood that lends itself to various cooking styles and craveable preparations.

· Social Media Will Further Drive Food Trends.

In an ironic twist, foot traffic is coming back at brick-and-mortar thanks to social media. Consumers will continue to rely on digital influences to lead them to the best in recipes, restaurants and other food-related trends. For example, a new study shows 53% of millennial TikTok users visited a restaurant after seeing it on the app.

· Mocktails Will Get More Creative (and Healthier) with the Addition of Fresh Produce.

When it comes to the latest trend in beverages, the mocktail, creativity will reign supreme and fresh produce will play a bigger role as bright and vibrant flavors offer up the healthy zip that consumers crave in their non-alcoholic concoctions.

· Metaverse, Not So Fast.

Pioneers of the metaverse are retrenching, and it looks as if branded NFTs have lost their luster, because as 2023 will prove, generating actual revenue from investments still matters.

“As a food-and-beverage–centric agency, we have our finger on the pulse of upcoming trends, and 2023 promises to be one of the most fascinating years yet for the entire industry,” says Dan O’Connell, CEO and founder of FoodMix Marketing Communications. “From drinking less and craving the back-to-basics comforts, to eating earlier and shopping purposefully, consumers will be determined to make this upcoming year one they will have fond memories of.”

To speak to a member of the FoodMix Marketing Communications team about these trends, please contact or call 630-366-7515.

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