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Fresh Farms expands green bell peppers to year-round


We at Fresh Farms BB #:194140 continue to take steps to service our customer base in North America on a year-round basis across our product line of grapes and vegetables and melons.

To that end, we are happy to announce that our Green Bell Pepper production is now next up in line for that offering. We have added Jalisco production to our already existing Sinaloa production which will give us that year-round capability to service our customers.

After having grown Bell Peppers in Sinaloa since the company started, we have learned a great deal of how to deliver a high-quality green bell pepper to the market and we are taking all that experience with us to Jalisco to deliver the best possible product. In addition, we will now be offering it through Mc Allen, Texas which will assist with continuing fresher logistics in the supply chain.

The Jalisco bell pepper project at Fresh Farms will be growing year over year and we will deliver the finest quality and condition green bell pepper that you have come to value from us at Fresh Farms. We look forward to continue working closely with all our customers in the supply chain who value high quality and the best overall condition product.

Retailers can show they are in the bell pepper business by offering them in large bulk and displays with like usage items as well as bring over other items for dinner ideas tie -ins! Stuffed Peppers is always a favorite in the fall and winter months. Stir Fry and fresh for salads. It’s a very versatile and healthy item!

Fresh Farms - Watson, Serrano - Sales & Marketing

In Fresh Farms we focus on quality at the most competitive price possible for the retailers. We need to keep partnering with retailers whose focus is to ensure quality to the consumer.

The feedback we have received from our customers is that the quality we are currently growing exceeds the standard. I truly believe this new venture in Jalisco will give the retailers exceptional quality from Mexico all year round, a total game changer! Consumers are looking for great quality at a good price, retailers need to promote quality; consumers will pay for exceptional quality guaranteed!