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Tomato prices likely to rise

tomatoes on the vine

Rain in the Northeast and Southeast U.S. and Mexico has slowed tomato harvests, and water restrictions in California have led to less volume.

Expect prices to rise over the next two weeks.

In a crop update August 25, 2022, Markon Cooperative BB #:123315 noted that markets are rising and should continue to rise until mid-September when early fall production starts.

“Alabama, Tennessee, and the Northeast region have seen significant rain this week, hampering the harvest of round and Roma tomatoes,” the report said.

“Previous heatwaves and rain this season have reduced quality and yields. Virginia is seeing excellent grape tomato quality.”

Demand has remained strong for California tomatoes, but water restrictions led growers to plant fewer Roma and mature green tomatoes this year, Markon said.

“Lower priced Roma tomatoes are an attractive option,” the report said. “Overall quality is good.”

Meanwhile, in Mexico, Roma, cherry, and grape tomatoes are very limited as farmers assess and recover from monsoon rains and flooding last weekend. Trucks dealing with delays and closed roads have posed transportation challenges.

“Quality is good, especially on grape varieties,” Markon said.


Greg Johnson is Director of Media Development for Blue Book Services