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Veggie Grill launches plant-based Vegan Bowls For All

Veggiegrill Launches Vegan Bowls
Vegan Bowls For All is now available for delivery nationwide from Veggie Grill’s 29 locations

LOS ANGELES – Veggie Grill, the nation’s leading destination for creative and craveable plant-based food is launching another innovative virtual concept, Vegan Bowls For All.

The fully vegan menu features six nourishing bowls designed to provide clean, satisfying, flavorful options to customers looking to optimize their health without sacrificing enjoyment. Beginning today, the bowls are available for delivery through all major delivery providers. Whether customers are looking for a post-workout dinner or a hearty lunch to power them through the day, Vegan Bowls For All is here to curb hunger, sans guilt, without sacrificing taste.

The Vegan Bowls For All menu provides a customizable selection of clean, whole food plant-based bowls, with a wide choice of vegan toppings. Among the selection are the Cali-Grains Bowl, Korean Kimchi Bowl, Chickpea Curry Bowl, Thai Coconut Curry Bowl, Harvest Bowl and Ranchero Bowl.

Multiple salads from the beloved Veggie Grill menu are available for purchase as well, including the Classic Romaine Caesar, Power Greens Caesar, Catalina Taco Salad, Super Greens & Quinoa Salad, and the Chinese Chick’n Salad.

“We’re excited to introduce a convenient and affordable option designed for consumers to optimally nourish themselves while supporting the health of the planet at the same time. Our mission is to provide 100% plant-based food that satisfies cravings and moods of all kinds, and Vegan Bowls For All fortifies that mission,” said T.K. Pillan, Veggie Grill’s co-founder.

Partnering with popular delivery platforms including Doordash, Postmates, Uber Eats, and Grubhub, Vegan Bowls For All will operate out of all twenty-nine Veggie Grill kitchens for lunch and dinner service, seven days a week.

Each bowl starts at $12.95 with customized upgrades available. For more information and to place an order, please visit and follow the brand on Instagram @veganbowlsforall.

Vegan Bowls for All LogoAbout Vegan Bowls For All

Vegan Bowls For All is a delivery-only concept from Veggie Grill, the largest plant-based restaurant group in the U.S. The fully vegan menu features six nourishing bowls aimed to provide clean, satisfying, flavorful options to customers looking to optimize their health without sacrificing enjoyment, at any time of the day. Vegan Bowls For All will operate out of Veggie Grill’s locations in California, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, and Washington, furthering Veggie Grill’s mission to satisfy, empower, and fulfill guests with plant-based food. For more information, hours, and the full menu, please visit

Veggiegrill LogoAbout Veggie Grill

Founded in 2006 and with 34 locations from coast to coast, Veggie Grill delivers uniquely craveable, 100% plant-based menus across the country’s most popular restaurant categories. Each of its concepts delivers the best breadth, depth and quality of plant-based menu items within its food genre, empowering customers to eat consciously with ease and without sacrificing taste and enjoyment.

The brand’s signature concept and halo brand, Veggie Grill, welcomes people to the “Plant-Based Party” and delivers comfort food the world can love with a menu of classic American grill favorites. Two offspring concepts were birthed in 2021 to deliver on the same purpose, mission and promise in their own distinctive ways. Stand-Up Burgers’ bold, vegan, “rebels with a cause” take on a classic American burger stand satisfies the younger generation’s desire to enjoy the American burger experience while still standing up for what they believe in and making a difference in the world. Más Veggies Taqueria came about as a ghost kitchen, delivery-only concept during the pandemic, operating out of all Veggie Grill locations, and empowers conscious Mexican food lovers to enjoy their traditional favorites in 100% plant-based form.