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Storage potatoes running out as summer red, yellow volume rises

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Potato prices are rising as the remaining storage crop gets depleted.

But summer red and yellow potato volume is rising as Texas and California growers send more to a high demand market.

In its weekly crop report this week, Markon Cooperative BB #:123315 warned that remaining storage potato supplies are extremely limited in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington and may be depleted by the end of July.

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In Idaho, it said 40- to 80-count stocks are extremely limited, and 90- through 120-count supplies are tightening, as size substitutions may be required for order fulfillment.

With new crop expected to begin in early August, Markon does not project a supply gap from Idaho. But it projects higher than normal prices through August.

By region, it reports:

Red and yellow potatoes are being shipped. Quality is excellent; No. 2s are extremely limited

Red and yellow supplies are sufficient; quality is strong in both varieties. Prices are elevated

Remaining Idaho storage stocks are limited. New crop Idaho potatoes will become available the first week of August. No supply gap is expected.

The Michigan season will get underway in early August.

Minnesota/North Dakota
Minnesota potatoes will begin to ship the first week of August. North Dakota stock will hit the market in late September.

Texas-grown supplies are now on the market. Similar to Arizona, new crop quality is very good, yielding few No. 2s.

Limited quantities of Washington potatoes are now available; supplies will begin to ramp up next week.

New crop harvesting will begin August 1.


Greg Johnson is Director of Media Development for Blue Book Services