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RaboResearch releases U.S. Potato Outlook 2023-24

- Analysis
This U.S. Potato Outlook 2023-24 report summarizes that U.S. potato production declined for the fourth consecutive year, and this season’s crop is the smallest since 2010.

Potatoes USA survey shows regional preference for how people enjoy potatoes

- General News
We can all agree that potatoes are America’s favorite vegetable, but a recent Potatoes USA survey investigated different regions’ preferred, nutritious ways to eat the mighty spud.

Congressional push for potato exports to Japan

- Analysis
On May 11, 35 members of Congress sent a letter to agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack urging him to press Japan to open its market to imports of fresh potatoes from the United States.

ProduceIQ: Markets bracing for volatile transitions

- Featured
March inflation reports are inspiring cautious optimism.

MountainKing prepares retailers for red potato season

- General News
As the prime summer selling season for red potatoes approaches, and supplies of russets and yellows continue to tighten, MountainKing reports it is packing record numbers of its Butter Reds while it ramps up social media and in-store support of the popular gourmet variety.

The newest Easter trend: painting potatoes

- General News
Families love their tried-and-true Easter traditions, but sometimes, you just need to scramble things up.

Canada free from potato wart—sort of

- Analysis
Is this headline a lie? “Potato wart not detected in 2022 national survey.”

The Little Potato Company unveils brand refresh

- General News
The Little Potato Company, the number one Creamer potato company in North America, today unveiled a new brand look and feel, reflecting its commitment to providing busy families with quick and easy meal solutions so they have more time for what matters most.

The Idaho Potato Commission launches ice cream flavor at Van Leeuwen

- General News
The Idaho Potato Commission is partnering with Van Leeuwen, a New York-based nationally beloved brand known for their made-from-scratch dairy and vegan ice creams, to create a limited-edition ice cream representing one of America’s favorite food pairings, Idaho potato French fries and milkshakes.

USDA announces appointments to the National Potato Promotion Board

- General News
The U.S. Department of Agriculture today announced the appointment of 32 members to the National Potato Promotion Board. Appointed are 30 producer members and two importers to fill three-year terms expiring February 28, 2026.