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Boosting Brain Health Month with blueberries

USHBC Brain Health Final Banner

During its second 2022 “power period,” USHBC is promoting blueberries’ health benefits with new industry resources and partnerships

FOLSOM, Calif. – Food is fuel for the brain, and in honor of Brain Health Month, the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council (USHBC) BB #:162393 is inspiring consumers to grab more boosts of blue in June. Eating fresh or frozen blueberries each day within an overall healthy diet and lifestyle is a smart choice that can add up to support brain health.

As part of its national plan to promote the benefits of blueberries, USHBC is sharing a range of informative and enticing resources, including blueberry recipes, nutrition information and health research.

Additionally, USHBC’s “Blue Crew” is rolling out original content for blueberry-loving fans throughout the month. This group of credible, third-party experts includes physicians, registered dietitians, fitness professionals and wellness and lifestyle experts who are sharing social media content, custom recipes and more as part of the campaign.

Brain Health Month offers consumers an opportunity to pause and think about how the foods they eat impact the ability to maintain focus and memory.

While several factors influence cognitive function, the foods we eat on a daily basis – including blueberries – play a crucial role in keeping our minds sharp, which is why this is an important health-oriented opportunity for the blueberry industry to align with and for our influencer partners to spotlight.

“Brain Health Month is the perfect time to focus on the important role that food plays in cognitive function,” said Blue Crew Ambassador Kristamarie Collman, MD, double board-certified Family Medicine physician, author, and wellness expert. “Whether fresh or frozen, blueberries offer a simple meal and snacking solution, and can be part of eating patterns that support healthy cognition.”

The second of five USHBC “power periods,” the June promotional campaign is part of Grab a Boost of Blue, a strategic positioning and call to action backed by new tools and consumer research. The Brain Health Month toolkit is available now for use by blueberry industry members, and custom resources are being featured in USHBC’s health professional and retailer e-newsletters this month.

The toolkit incorporates countless boosts of blue and is designed to provide the industry with fast and easy professional resources to enhance your own promotion plans, including deliciously inspiring recipes; informative, print-ready one-pagers; and plug-and-play social posts and digital ads featuring eye-catching headlines and vivid, mouthwatering imagery. In addition to these resources, turnkey marketing content is always accessible and ready to download, including dozens of evergreen blueberry images, resources and QR codes.

To further expand and enhance the Brain Health Month campaign, USHBC is partnering with MindBodyGreen, a lifestyle media brand dedicated to inspiring people to live their best life – mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. The organization seeks to create credible and actionable content, experiences and products that empower its audience, 70% of whom are on their journey to wellness. Blueberries are in the MindBodyGreen spotlight this month, with media and social content, as well as a custom article and recipe with insights from Blue Crew member and fitness professional, Joey Thurman.

USHBC also is amplifying blueberry messaging through its yearlong partnership with SmartBrief, the leading online publisher of targeted business news and information by industry. The nutritional benefits of a boost of blue are highlighted in a June e-blast distributed to the eatrightPRO* audience of 90+ registered dietitians and nutrition professionals.

“Consumers are always looking for easy solutions to eating well. Blueberries are a simple, no-stress food offering both delicious flavor and a variety of health benefits,” said Jennifer Sparks, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at USHBC. “USHBC is dedicated to researching and promoting the nutrition value of blueberries – while providing resources and recipes that make it easy for consumers to grab a boost of blue every day.”

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