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West Pak Avocado launches avocado ‘Party Pak’

West Pak Avocado Party Pak Final Banner

Murrieta, CA – Helping retailers stay relevant in the produce department and expand their avocado SKUs, West Pak Avocado BB #:117036 proudly announces the official launch of Party Pak.

This bag of jumbo fruit transitions with every season, featuring a new look and reason to celebrate the goodness of avocados. Festive seasonal packaging highlights recipes on the grab-and-go bag, while the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check mark reminds shoppers of the healthy reasons to choose avocados for every occasion.

“We see it as our responsibility to excite the retailer shopper, so we’ve adopted another layer of service for our customers,” says West Pak Avocado Vice President of Sales and Business Development Joe Nava. “Party Pak complements a retailer’s small fruit offering and elevates the shopper experience with a new and enticing way to buy jumbo fruit year-round.”

“Party Pak is designed to gain the shopper who is looking to entertain, feed a larger family, or simply desires bigger fruit. In contrast, Lil’Cados shoppers value portion control and look to a smaller piece of fruit. They are shoppers with completely different needs. By having two sizes of bags, Party Pak and Lil’Cados, retailers can become a one-stop-shop for all avocado needs.”

Nava continues, “With their commitment to Party Pak, retailers can expect trusted brand recognition and a fresh campaign each quarter that adds excitement about everyone’s favorite green fruit and entices shoppers to ‘go big’ for every occasion.”

Party Pak caters to consumer demands and includes these seasonal favorites:

Viva la Fiesta (2022 Q2: April – June)
There’s no better season to get your guac on and rock the festivities. Grab your bag of jumbo avocados and serve up some tasty fun for friends and family with everyone’s favorite Party Guac — just look for the easy recipe right on the bag.

Grilling Gatherings (2022 Q3: July – September)
It’s time for summer chill’n and grill’n and celebrating the fun-in-the-sun days of the season. Take your next gathering to heart with a jumbo bag of avocados and serve up a wholesome bowl of goodness with our easy summer salad recipe.

Holiday Goodness (2022 Q4: October – December)
Invite healthy avocados to your table for every gathering of family and friends. Enjoy jumbo goodness by serving up a crispy, crunchy harvest salad that’s delicious, nutritious, and fitting for the season.

Healthy Happenings (2023 Q1: January – March)
Shake it up and embrace in-the-bag goodness with wholesome jumbo avocados. Start days off right all week sipping the Keto-friendly yumminess of our Avocado Power Smoothie – look for the recipe served up on the back of the bag.

In addition to a recurring supply of avocados each season, Party Pak includes customized bag configurations, retailer support materials, and a monthly newsletter for added information, recipes, and more.

“We feel there’s a need with our current customers to elevate their bag program to help grow their avocado category. That’s where Party Pak comes in. It’s an easy, hassle-free way that’s guaranteed to keep their produce aisles looking fresh with new and exciting bagged offerings each quarter,” adds Nava.

“West Pak is ready for the summer months with Party Paks for every occasion from Memorial Day to July 4th gatherings and weekend grilling through Labor Day. We invite retailers of all sizes — from smaller regional stores to national corporate retailers — to kick off their year-round jumbo fruit program with Party Pak’s Viva la Fiesta for early summer or Grilling Gatherings summer offering through the end of the season.”

For more information about Party Pak, please visit

About West Pak Avocado

West Pak Avocado is a family owned and operated company that has been proudly growing, packing, shipping, and distributing premium avocados for nearly 40 years. Their commitment to quality represents not only the produce they sell and how they respect the land but also how business is conducted. A leading force in the avocado industry, West Pak Avocado is devoted to upholding the highest ethical trading practices and proudly takes an active role in ensuring the vitality and sustainability of the produce business.