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Bobalu’s video series previews spring berry harvest

bobalu video shoot

As the first day of Spring approaches, Bobalu Berries BB #:354734 is launching new video content that captures the essence of Spring for shoppers.

One key video focuses on stem berries that are synonymous with Spring holidays.

“In all the years selling strawberries, and specifically stems for key holidays, we have never shared video content showing what goes into getting them harvested,” says Anthony Gallino VP of Sales.

Buyers and consumers expect stem strawberries every year beginning with Valentines, and all the way through Mother’s Day. However, there isn’t much content that shows how these precious berries are harvested that shows just how special they are.

The company has strong demand for stems from early February all the way through May every year and it can be a challenge with supply since weather typically plays a huge factor in the ability to meet that demand.

However, Spring is a special time of year that really launches strawberry season in the mind of the consumer.

This year, Bobalu Berries added to their video storytelling with a peek into how stems are harvested showing exactly why they are the perfect berry. The company has enjoyed working with the same video team for the last few years in really telling the story of their company and the family farming operation.

This time, they enjoyed telling the stem berry story and published an inside look at the family celebrating their 60-year journey to 2022.

“Telling this family farming story using video is the best way to really show who Bobalu Berries is and the passion Bobby and RC Jones have for their family name and legacy. I am proud to be part of their story today as we take the company to the next level,” adds Gallino.

The new video content is live on the company’s You Tube page and will live on various pages of the website and social media. Consumers are enjoying their peak into the family of Bobalu berries and appreciate the hard work that goes into getting every package on the shelf.

All that ultimately translates into generating stronger demand to get Bobalu berries into the shopping cart every week.