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World Pear Day returns December 4

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PORTLAND, Ore. – Pear Bureau Northwest BB #:162426 is launching the sixth edition of its annual World Pear Day on December 4.

Taking place the first Saturday of December, this year’s World Pear Day will give consumers around the world the opportunity to celebrate pears through a 24-hour social media activation.

Pear lovers will be able to connect through the USA Pears social media channels and by using the #WorldPearDay hashtag. Celebrations will begin on Twitter in the earliest time zones – New Zealand and Taiwan – then continue through the Asian markets and into India, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, before arriving in the Western Hemisphere. Each region will be posting their events live, presenting us with a full day of celebration.

“As we kick off our sixth World Pear Day, momentum continues to build around this celebration of the sweet and juicy pear,” stated Kevin Moffitt, President and CEO of Pear Bureau Northwest. “World Pear Day elevates the beauty and versatility of this popular fruit with social media postings of people enjoying pears all around the world,” Moffitt continued.

World Pear Day started as a way to bring greater global attention and awareness to pears with both consumers and global retailers, importers and wholesalers. “It has proven to be such a successful campaign that the Pear Bureau has used it to kick-start promotional efforts in many export markets,” said Jeff Correa, International Marketing Director. “We look forward to influencer posts, special retail events, consumer outreach events and several days of social media promotion in this year’s World Pear Day celebration.”

December is an optimal time to celebrate World Pear Day and National Pear Month due to the abundance and variety of USA Pears, which are at their peak and available worldwide. The ten top varieties of pears grown in Washington and Oregon include: Green Anjou, Red Anjou, Bartlett, Red Bartlett, Bosc, Comice, Concorde, Forelle, Seckel and Starkrimson.

About Pear Bureau Northwest/USA Pears

Pear Bureau Northwest is a non-profit marketing organization established in 1931 to promote the fresh pears grown in Washington and Oregon, home to 84% of the US commercial fresh pear crop. The Bureau represents over 800 grower families and partners with outlets throughout the world in an effort to increase overall success with the pear category. The organization provides marketing and merchandising expertise that is customized specifically for each retail organization, using its pear consumer research findings as well as individual store analysis using an in-house data system that measures pear category performance nationwide and third-party research to show retailers how they perform versus their competition. Retailers who are interested in partnering with Pear Bureau Northwest should contact them at or 1 (800) 547-4610, as well as visit the retail trade site or consumer site,