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Pear Bureau promotes Aisle of Red Pears retail display contest

- Retail
The Aisle of Red Pears display challenge runs through March, with entries due by April 15, and is geared to show off one of the beautiful varieties grown in the Northwest.

Pear Bureau Northwest celebrates 90 years

- General News
Pear Bureau Northwest celebrates 90 years of fruitful collaboration with Washington and Oregon fresh pear growers to drive demand for Northwest pears.

World Pear Day returns December 4

- General News
Pear Bureau Northwest is launching the sixth edition of its annual World Pear Day on December 4.

Pear Bureau Northwest hires Marketing Communications Manager

- General News
Pear Bureau Northwest is pleased to announce Jim Morris has joined the organization as Marketing Communications Manager.

Pear industry elects officers for 2021-22 season

- General News
With the confidence and support of the marketing organization, the newly elected officers to Pear Bureau Northwest will lead the board, and the elected officers to the Fresh Pear Committee (FPC) will lead the committee in accordance with Marketing Order 927: Pears Grown in Oregon and Washington.

New regional marketing manager welcomed at Pear Bureau Northwest

- General News
Pear Bureau Northwest is excited to welcome Michele Hoard to the company as the new Regional Marketing Manager for the Midwest region.

Northwest pear growers add ripening regulations for Anjous

- General News
The pear industry in the Pacific Northwest has added a regulation for Anjou pears in a move to increase consumer satisfaction when they purchase pears in the early season.

USA Pears launches #WhatsInYourFruitBowl initiative

- General News
USA Pears is excited to launch its #WhatsInYourFruitBowl initiative at a time when consumers are more focused than ever on developing healthy eating habits at home.

Pear Bureau Northwest recruits top luchador to promote healthy eating

- General News
Pear Bureau Northwest (PBNW) is partnering with one of the most famous Mexican wrestlers (Luchadors), Psycho Clown, who will tout healthy, delicious pears to his broad fanbase.

Pear Bureau NW’s “Aisle of Red Pears” display challenge

- General News
Pear Bureau Northwest is pleased to introduce a turn-key nationwide "Aisle of Red Pears" display challenge open to retailers of all sizes in the U.S. and Canada, coming just in time for the health-focused months in the new year.