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Wada Farms, The Produce Moms launch cobranded potato package

the produce moms wada farms
The Produce Moms x Wada Farms Easy-Baker will be available at Walmart and other grocers supplied by Wada Farms’ distribution partners.

October 26, 2021 – WADA FARMS®, one of America’s largest grower-shippers-marketers of fresh potatoes, onions and sweet potatoes for retail buyers and the food distribution industries and THE PRODUCE MOMS® a leading digital influencer of all things fruits and vegetables, have moved their long-time partnership onto the retail shelf with a new co-branded potato package.

The new individual pack is available now for shipping. Awareness for the new THE PRODUCE MOMS X WADA FARMS co-branded line is supported through a campaign of targeted social media marketing on all the digital and broadcast platforms of both brands.

The new packaging features delicious WADA FARMS Russet potatoes. The triple-washed, ready-to-eat potatoes are individually wrapped in microwave-ready packaging that provides quick and easy prep for a delicious, healthy baked potato in a matter of minutes. The package design is not only eye-catching and attractive, it features a QR code that when scanned will provide consumers with a digital experience to explore the many ways to enjoy potatoes. THE PRODUCE MOMS X WADA FARMS Easy-Baker will be available at Walmart and other grocers supplied by WADA FARMS’ distribution partners.

Eric Beck, Director of Marketing for WADA FARMS:

“THE PRODUCE MOMS is a long-standing partner of WADA FARMS. We understand and appreciate the value and connection TPM has with consumers who shop the stores where our products can be found, and we know they have a proven model co-branding with other produce brands like Crunch Pak® and Applewood Fresh®. We were looking for a way to provide the users of our potatoes with an interactive digital experience and that’s how we decided on the concept of partnering with The Produce Moms for dynamic digital content accessible through a QR Code on package.”

Lori Taylor, Founder and CEO of THE PRODUCE MOMS:

“WADA FARMS pitched the idea of this packaging to TPM after their internal innovation and business development teams strategized about how we could co-brand in a meaningful way and deliver value to consumers and grocery retail. With this new packaging, we’re bringing Idaho Potatoes® to the consumer in a unique way!”

The Produce Moms had humble beginnings as a basic WordPress blog, which went live in 2012. Staying true to the mission of getting more fruits and vegetables on every table, The Produce Moms has evolved significantly.

Taylor explains:

“The evolution of a brand always includes the leap into consumer packaged goods. The Produce Moms logo now appears on in-store packaging alongside three of our produce partners with a commitment to educating and inspiring all who buy these products. We are so excited to enter the vegetable category with Wada Farms Potatoes, one of America’s favorite foods.”

For more information about THE PRODUCE MOMS X WADA FARMS potatoes, and to place orders, please contact the sales team at WADA FARMS at 208-542-2898.


The Produce Moms® is a widely recognized consumer brand that is on a mission to put more fruits and vegetables on every table. Founded by Lori Taylor, we are a global community of passionate fresh produce advocates. Through our platforms and produce supplier partnerships, The Produce Moms educates consumers on the benefits of eating fresh produce, the growing process, and how to select, store and serve fruits and vegetables. We introduce our community to produce brands, engage the produce industry with consumers in inspiring conversations, and promote public policy to increase the availability of fresh produce at American schools. The Produce Moms digital platforms, podcast, television appearances, and consumer products reach millions per month and support the brand’s goal to increase produce consumption in both volume & variety. For more information, please visit


Wada Farms has an 80-year history of pride, excellence, and an obsession for providing products of intrinsic value to our client partners. The Wada Family has been growing famous Idaho potatoes ever since 1943 and has become one of the nation’s largest suppliers of fresh potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, with long-standing partner relationships through the US and in countries around the world. With some of the industry’s best technology, talent, and dedication, Wada has been able to pioneer products that help consumers maintain a healthy and nutritious lifestyle while keeping a sustainable approach in these developments at the forefront of the company’s priorities. Wada’s belief in the company motto “Pride in Excellence” has helped them become an industry leader. For more information, please visit