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USHBC shares a look at the restaurant of the future

USHBC – Restaurant of Future Final

With all the changes and challenges this year has brought to the foodservice industry, many operators are assessing how to reconfigure their restaurants to better facilitate curbside pickup, delivery orders, grab-and-go items, increased outdoor dining, and drive-through service.

In its continued efforts to reach chefs and foodservice professionals with blueberry menu inspiration and establish thought leadership within this important audience, USHBC BB #:162393 unveiled its new video, How Blueberries Deliver for the Restaurant of the Future this week.

Created by USHBC’s foodservice agency partner SRG, which specializes in environmental design work in this space, the video was shared as part of USHBC’s sponsorship of The Flavor Experience, held virtually Dec. 1-2 and hosted by USHBC partner, Flavor & the Menu magazine.

Conference attendees align strategically with USHBC’s target audience of 200+ high-volume commercial and noncommercial chefs, making this an important connection for the blueberry industry.

The video, featuring 3D architectural renderings that illustrate how restaurant footprints can adapt to best meet evolving patron and operator needs, and on-trend blueberry culinary applications, debuted during USHBC’s sponsored session. The blueberry-inclusive recipes that are showcased meet the increased needs of operators for products that hold well for delivery or grab and go, work across the menu, are shelf-stable or long-lasting, are cost-efficient, and fit with flavor trends patrons seek out.

“In order to stand apart from the more traditional cooking and product application demos, we thought about what operators really wanted and needed to know, and how we could truly support them at this time,” said Jennifer Sparks, USHBC and NABC vice president of marketing and communications. “This combination of operational and culinary information is highly differentiated and valuable to chefs, and sets USHBC up well as we enter into our one-on-one meetings with select operators during and after the conference.”

Following the conference, the prerecorded presentation will be used as an engaging and efficient asset across future virtual events and outreach, further reinforcing the inspiring possibilities of blueberries in foodservice.