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D’Arrigo CA offers digital recipe guide book for the holidays

D Arrigo – Recipe Guide Final

Salinas, CA – Everyone looks forward to the holidays by enjoying the company of family and friends, creating new memories and sharing unforgettable meals. Convening over a meal with loved ones creates a euphoric experience that warms one’s heart and soul.

D’Arrigo California BB #:114843 is excited to gift a free, downloadable broccoli rabe recipe guide flip book for the holidays that will delight the whole family. We invite you to feast on Andy Boy broccoli rabe this holiday season.

This year looks different than any other year and we do not want family traditions to get lost in the chaos.

“D’Arrigo California has partnered with food influencers across the country to put the best broccoli rabe breakfast, appetizer, side, dinner and vegetarian dishes together for the holidays. These delicious and nutritious recipes with Andy Boy broccoli rabe will please all palates young and old around the globe,” states Claudia Pizarro-Villalobos, D’Arrigo California, Marketing and Communications.

Broccoli rabe, a vegetable native to the D’Arrigo’s hometown of Messina, Sicily was first grown by the D’Arrigo family in San Jose, CA in the 1960’s. Wanting to ensure consistent flavor and supply the family brought on staff including their own seed breeder.

For the past 60 years, D’Arrigo California has produced quality bunches of Andy Boy broccoli rabe that is offered both conventionally and organically. The proprietary cruciferous ‘super-green’ vegetable whose bold flavor comes from being a member of the mustard family is offered exclusively by D’Arrigo California year-round.

Pizarro-Villalobos states, “broccoli rabe contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to keep bodies strong and feeling good. It contains nutrients that you might not expect to get from a vegetable, including protein and calcium. The prominent flavor, versatility and health attributes that broccoli rabe offers will surely brighten your table, dishes and mood this season.”

Feast your eyes on a few of the recipes that you will find in the holiday recipe guide flip book:

Deck your holiday festivities with some of these delectable recipes that are guaranteed to bring great joy to those gathered around the table. The free holiday recipe guide flip book will highlight the history of D’Arrigo California, broccoli rabe cooking techniques (blanch, sauté, puree, roast, steam and grill) and all 15 recipes can be viewed here.

Each recipe has an individual ‘print recipe link’ so you can easily print the ingredients and directions for each scrumptious dish. Let your special feast begin and end with one of Andy Boy’s broccoli rabe recipes.
D’Arrigo California wishes you a tasty, healthy and memorable holiday season.

About D’Arrigo California

From the day the company was founded in 1923 by Stefano and Andrea D’Arrigo, two immigrants from Messina, Sicily, innovation has been its hallmark. In addition to its conventional and organic vegetable product line and wine grapes, D’Arrigo offers strategies and solutions to its customers in everything from seed research and development, food safety and sustainability, to entirely new approaches to packaging, harvesting and shipping. The company’s brand, Andy Boy, is known for signature products like broccoli, broccoli rabe, fennel and romaine hearts. D’Arrigo California grows not only conventional and organic products year-round, but also provides services that include cross docking, consolidation, custom growing and commercial cooling.

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