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WP Produce’s Desbry brand tropical avocados feature new packaging

WP Produce

Miami, FL (August 4, 2020) — Leading in innovations that address changing consumer shopping preferences caused by COVID-19, WP Produce, BB #:143203 a family-owned, grower-packer-shipper of Desbry tropical fruits and roots, has begun shipping Tropical Avocados in protective, two-count bags.

The Desbry Tropical Avocado pouches are part of a comprehensive, value-added merchandising program. WP is also offering retailers signage, recipe tear pads, and striking display bins to educate shoppers and increase sales for this distinctive fruit that is growing the avocado category.

“Since retailers aren’t doing in-store sampling, our bags and bins provide retailers with an alternative—using visual, virtual sampling by showing beautiful slices of cut fruit, plus recipes and tips for use, to catch shoppers’ attention and promote sales,” said Chris Gonzalez, VP of Sales for WP Produce. “The two-count bags are convenient for shoppers and give retailers a way to demonstrate how responsive they are to rapidly changing consumer preferences.”

Consumers are doing more cooking at home and are looking for healthy choices to serve their families. They are also looking for convenience, while safety-conscious shoppers are buying more bagged produce to avoid fruits and vegetables that might have been handled by others.

“These in-store displays of bagged Desbry Tropical Avocados in bins definitely turn shoppers’ heads and provide retailers a turnkey way to implement a category extension and keep growing profits with avocados,” said Karen Nardozza, President & CEO of Moxxy Marketing. “In addition to education on the bins, and a simple, delicious family recipe on the bag for Willy’s Avocado Salad, more tips and recipes are shared on the Desbry Instagram, and through partnership with The Produce Moms, to make sure retailers have consumer support—both in-store and online.”

Tropical Avocados have been gaining distribution with major retailers, earning attention from food writers and media, and gaining in popularity, especially with health-conscious shoppers, moms and millennials. Eye-catching Tropical Avocados are larger, have a sturdy texture, and stay fresh longer after being cut.

Desbry Tropical Avocados in a two-count bag are a perfect way for shoppers to incorporate more of this healthy, delicious fruit into their family’s diet, with increased confidence about the safety of what they put in their cart.

Desbry Tropical Avocados are grown in Florida and the Dominican Republic and are available year-round for worldwide distribution. For more information or to place an order, contact Chris Gonzalez at (305) 326-8333, or visit

About WP Produce:

Founded in 1984, WP Produce is a family-owned, multi-regional grower, packer and shipper of fresh, tropical fruits and roots. WP Produce has been a pioneer in the tropical avocado market since 1992 and is now the largest importer and distributor of Dominican tropical avocados worldwide. With farms and partnerships with growers in Florida and the Dominican Republic, WP Produce offers a wide variety of tropical produce and root vegetables under the Desbry brand.

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